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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I already have the games in KH 1.5, Like im gonna be stupid enough to get it just for THEMES.
  2. Made a story on Wattpad.com, if yyou wish to read it, Look up Naroco101 in the search bar. You should find Guilt (Adventure Time Fan Fic)

  3. Really wanting to test our a character I made for the show Adventure time in an rp

    1. SoraBlade
    2. Naroco


      You should read what i wrote about the character. If you want Ill write it up and send you it

    3. SoraBlade
  4. Hey, talk to me when you can! ^w^

  5. It has been five years since Tsunayoshi Sawada and the Vongola Guardians had passed on, and now it is time for the next Vongola boss to take over the Vongola mafia, or else the Vongola Tsuna recreated will crumble to its foes. Rules: This is for people who Don't get how rp's work, and cant seem to wrap themselves around limits. Rule 1: No God modding Rule 2: No Sexual anything! Unless it is just huging, kissing or holding hands, I want none of it. Rule 3: No swear constantly, unless you bleep it out like #$%^@!!! You can swear once in a while, but dont go over board. Rule 4: Have fun, and say XXBurner after your Sign up so I know you read this. Rule 5: Fail any of this, and Your booted out of the rp. Sign up Sheet: Name: Gender: Flame type: Personality: Box Animal: (when we get to that point, which wont be right away) Picture: (you can either put it here or put a link to it.) ~My sign up sheet~ Name: Dusk Hakimora Gender: Um I got a boy body part so Im Male Flame: Sky Personality: Almost exactly like Tsuna, but he is able to act tough. He is easily embarressed, by anyone, and by romance. He is clumsy, and not too smart unless in a tough fight. He is ment to be the Fifteenth Vongola Boss, Even though he lives in America. Box animal: American Style Dragon Picture:
  6. No clue, I think origanility died with anime, its all robots, and DBZ knock offs now, or gore
  7. I would rather have Hitman Reborn on Toonami. it seems as if they are picking crap to put on it. Also, Titan, and Thundercats?! Really?! They were crappy on Cartoon Network, WTH were they thinking puting it on an adult timeslot?!
  8. I had 4 Xbox controls, but an old friend of mine stole 3 of them
  9. Hi I was wondering, what is the name of the Beach Aqua is stuck at at the end of BBS and Sora and Riku are at, during the end of KH2?

    1. KHlover8


      yeah, i couldn't sleep last night either... i haven't had a good night's sleep this whole week.., im so tired

  11. The reason she isnt included is because she rebeled against the organization.
  12. If it passed, then too many people would break that law, and go to jail, then sooner or later, people would either fight the government, or leave to Japan or someplace
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