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  1. Xion obviously. Her luck is just awful. Seems her only way to be saved is depended on chance rather than by ones own intentions. At least someone can remember to do something about Aqua, so shes not so unlucky. And not to mention shes still alive. Heck she even found company at the End of Sea/Dark Margin and momentarily with King Mickey in the Realm of Darkness.
  2. When people are saying "they look horrible/like plastic", they're refering to the models made in Unreal Engine 4 which Kingdom Hearts 3 and KH 0.2 is on. These medals are a little misleading to be called HD in the same vein as the HD Aqua medal cause they're just old 2012 DDD promotional stuff. HD Mickey, HD Riku, and especially HD Sora are not Unreal Engine 4 models people. lol
  3. As someone who has played the PSP Final Mix version, yes No Hearts feels a lot easier now. Before you had to grind past level 75 just to even do somewhat decent damage to him but the battle could still take over 20 minutes unlike the HD version. Plus Shotlocks and mines were never effective on him back then so you were forced to take a direct approach which was dangerous since he'd use moves like Mega Explosion to drop you down to 1 HP and force all commands to reload. Not to mention since the battle was intended for multiplayer he caused more damage, had more infinite frames, and could not be stun. So basicly he was a Superboss and in my opinion harder than Mysterious Figure/Young Xehanort in the PSP version. The keyblade you get from him speaks for itself. It offered more strength and magic than No Name.
  4. Since King Mickey doesn't look like he'll be wearing any armor (despite training under Yen Sid) I doubt Sora, Kairi, and Riku will be wearing any as well. If anything I could see them wearing Organization XIII cloaks instead though they don't need them when they have the gummi ships. Plus the armor thing looks to be exclusive to Master Eraqus and his pupils anyway and I'd prefer it stay that way. They can keep their dumb overrated armor to themselves thanks.
  5. At first I thought Square deceived us when they said we would have all Kingdom Hearts games on one console but then I realized they wanted us to use our imagination to play Re:Coded and 358/2 days! Now if only they would let us pay for Kingdom Hearts 3.5 ReMix to play KH 3D, BBS vol. 2, and KH3 with our imagination...
  6. I'm gonna assume if Xion was on your list she would be under Twilight perhaps? Her fighting style was very similar to Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
  7. Console warriors on this site will tell you "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" while the actual Kingdom Hearts fans will tell you its ok as long as it ALSO comes to the PS3 and Xbox 360. (Xbox fans are feeling lonely lol) Though I'd love to hear more details about these "exclusivity" contracts just so we can stop with the port begging.
  8. Mudkip since I used Torchic in Pokemon Y and I've used Treecko so many times I've lost count. Basicly I need a break from him.
  9. In my opinion Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep sucks and is far worse than 358/2 days. I'm given very little reason to care for the characters and their fate unlike with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days where you see the days trio genuinely interact with each other instead of just the "small chitchat and gone the next second" thing BBS had going a lot. Then theres the repetitiveness of going through worlds 3 times with very little new areas to explore with most being reused. All you could really do was collect chests, forced to fight Unversed, maybe find an Unversed with ice cream ingredients, then fight the world boss, and on a small occasion find an Unversed challenge. It may not seem bad but imagine doing it 3 times and also knowing how unsatisfyingly short each world visit with each character was. I should mention people ripped on Days for being repetitive but at least it provided a variety of missions with some being optional (completing an Organization member's request is require to unlock some). There were missions like collect hearts, collect organization emblems, just defeat [insert name here] enemy/enemies, Examine/gather info, Survive the time limit, break jars, and many more. You also had your chest collecting, finding 1 to 3 special emblems to unlock challenges for single and multiplayer, and on occasion finding heartless vendors to get materials. And this was all for 1 character if you didn't bother with mission mode which was optional unlike the REQUIRED 3 story completion crap to unlock the final story content in BBS. Now then another thing that sucked about BBS was the broken gameplay. Your forced into Command Styles WAY too often without an option. Sometimes could get you killed like Sky Climber and Aqua's Ghost Drive in some unfortunate situations and in some instances kill everything around you too easily like Rhythm Mixer. They would also annoyingly cancel out stuff like Mines and Magnega which btw made killing everything too easy. The dodging for everyone (but Terra) has way too many frames to protect you. Renewal Block/Barrier heals you more than it should making it broken honestly. Shotlocks are a cheap way kill anything with its infinite frames always protecting you when in use. Well... I may be forgetting something but those are my reasons for why Birth By Sleep sucks. Also worth mentioning in my opinion Dream Drop Distance fixed most of BBS's problems. Some examples would be Command Styles being optional, less infinite frames, most overpowered stuff reduced to just Balloonga, Dream Eaters who cast Spirit Roar, and Flowmotion to a small degree. Repetitiveness isn't much of a problem this time with most of the areas visited by each character are entirely different from each other. As for the story it just seems like a bunch of fanservice for those who've kept up with all the games. I see no fault with that to make it the worst. Is time travel really that bad to some?
  10. So if they're really taking battle quotes from the DS version of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, could that mean they're doing the same thing for the absent silhouettes as well?!
  11. Skull Noise but...Two Become One seems cool too.
  12. 1. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days (I can look past the graphics ) 2. Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts 2 4. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded 5. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
  13. If they're playable briefly like King Mickey and Riku in Kingdom Hearts 2 then sure. Otherwise no, just Sora is fine.
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