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  1. I play Splatoon almost daily and have around 100 hours of play time. My FC is in my sig.
  2. I won't be playing it again, since I beat TP just a few years ago but I'll be peering over my brother's shoulder intensively just to see this "new dungeon", and Nintendo has made me extremely curious as what transfers over to Zelda U. And honestly, this game doesn't bother me at all, because I'm about 70%~80% sure it exists to appease the wait for Zelda U after it got delayed, yet everyone is actively attacking it like it's cancer...seriously? The vocal minority of Zelda fans is disgustingly pessimistic.
  3. please be fantasia 2000 world please be fantasia 2000 world please be fantasia 2000 world please be fantasia 2000 world
  4. Honestly I have every character I ever wanted in smash at this point (Shulk, Palutena, Mega Man, Cloud) so I'll just root for the KK Rool fans to get their character and everything else is sweet icing on the cake.
  5. Really? I assumed it was sold out everywhere. Definitely going to cancel my pre-order and get it at Gamestop then. Thanks for the scoop.
  6. According to my Amazon order, I won't be getting my special edition until Dec 10th-11th. I really hope that estimation is wrong, because I really won't have time to play it during my finals week...
  7. Crash had a massively popular ad campaign in Japan (for a time) and was a major fighting force mascot against Mario during the 90's, so he's 100% applicable for Smash bros as far as I'm concerned. Having all the iconic mascots from 90's gaming giants (Nintendo, SEGA, Sony) would be a nostalgic fever dream.
  8. ....They just stealthfully announced Cloud Strife like it was nothing. Like it was an enigma. Like we expected it. Like we all just collectively said "ahuh this will definitely happen today." Holy crap, what do I even say. This is...I...uh...wow...I imagine this a Snake situation all over again. This is like ordering a cheeseburger and someone handing you a gold bar....like...I was hungry for something but....how do you even react now that you handed me something of value worth 1000% more than what I was expecting I'm not even mad, this is freaking unbelievable.
  9. Well someone did a gameplay comparison and XCX's Mira is about 5X THE SIZE OF SKYRIM O_o I know what I'll be playing in wait for KH3 now.
  10. Pre-order bonuses are overrated anyway tbh. I can see why one would might as well pre-order from a specific place to get a bonus with their game, but in that case there are plenty more options so I can't find fault with this- I mean at least they're giving you something (and 20% off isn't bad).
  11. This is the most incredible surprise I've seen all week. Never in a million years would I guess these characters would make a cameo appearance in something like Project X Zone 2.
  12. <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> ...Seriously? This would be like if Nintendo let people pay for coins in NSMB2. I can't think of a single person who would buy something like this for that high of a price tag. Ridiculous. - And yeah, my brother's picking up his Day one copy tomorrow, and I'll be watching him play it and thinking to myself how stupid It was of me to quit MGS so soon, because I really want to play this game after he's finished with it but I probably won't know what's going on...
  13. Welp, I just spent $89.99 plus tax today.
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