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  1. Wasn't KH3 about 60% complete the last time I heard? I mean it's better they take their time and complete the game rather than let it look and perform unfinished.
  2. Well I'm the Lefty here, so above the head like Riku. I like the style of the attack pattern. It reminds me of Juyo/Vapaad form of lightsaber combat with its aggressive style.
  3. The added bosses in the final mixes! The absent silouetthes of the CoM organization members were much funnier to fight in KH2FM. Plus the data battles added a cool "boss rush" mode ( I you could survive the cavern of rememberance).
  4. YES! I would love a Mario and Luigi game, a very underappreciated series of games in my book. Maybe they can bring in Wario and Waluigi please? Waluigi is almost never featured in mainline games and I would love him to be involved in the main games. Plus it could add incentive to the X and Y buttons on the 3DS or wii u.
  5. (beserk meter intensifies). I thought recoded had the worst story, but no, undoing past achievements will past that mark.
  6. Bliz047 fight with mysterious figure was so hype!!

  7. After all of the events that lead up to KH3, reexaming the past to study the future events has always fascinated me. Especially when it comes to the story of BBS. I came too realize that although the the three heroes manage to stop Xehanort creating the X-Blade, all of them payed a terrible price for their actions and over all effect on the Xehanort Saga. For those who don't know what a pyrrhic victory is, it is a victory where the costs of achieving said victory was so devastating that is dismisses or hollows out the prospect of satisfaction from the win. Over the course of playing all the character stories and the final episode, the stories of all three of them seem to fall in line with the definition. Ventus: heart was split and formed his dark counterpart Vanitas, after the power of dues ex Mach---- I mean Sora's heart ( pun on nomura logic) his heart is resorted and becomes full of light. Then is coup up in the land of departure for a couple years in order to built back strength in order to eventually fight with Vanitas. They do merge and fought inside the heart of Ventus/Vanitas until Ventus wins but his hear t becomes severely damaged, leaving him in a cosmatos state u till his heart is repaired by staying within Sora for 10+ years. Terra: goal of Keyblade master and power obsession catches Master Xehanort attention. His fear of Darkness that lurks inside of him is exploited throughout his journey. Not helping that he accidentally helps some villians and is constantly wronged for trying to do the right thing ( I blame this "trusting idiot" persona on BBS's writing), eventually is played against Eraqus on trump up fear mongering and lies, played a part in his demise, although he defats Xehanort in combat, he gets his body stolen and his lingering Will resided in the Keyblade Graveyard for 11 years until Sora encounters and faces off in combat. Aqua: despite her well deserved Master status, it causes a rift between Terra and Ventus for different reasons. Mostly played clean up for Terra's or Vetnus's Screw ups. Faced of against both friends at the clash as both were possessed by forces of Darknesses. Her fate becomes somewhat of a short term gain long term loss. Because her saving Terranort ( when Terra was about to break free of Xehanort's control) indirectly caused the invasion of the Heartless, Crearion of Organization 13 and the nobodies, and the Heartless and Nobody of Terranort causing trouble with Sora and his friends. A bit of a slippery slope yes, but not nessecarly a false dilemma. Master Xehanort said it best " the broken boy who failed to be the blade, the misguided master who sacrificed herself for a friend, and the feckless youth who became my new vessel". Despite there victoies, the costs of achieving them were too high and led to the unfortunate implications leader down the series.
  8. Ultimate Challange for me: beat the lingering will and kill him while in Anti-form.

  9. If you put him in good movies and he is a good actor , you put him in bad movies, well he is memorable at least. Unfortunately, those stinkers do hurt him and Hollywood financially and many directors don't want a box office bomb associated with Nicolas due to his reputation. It's not exactly a brand of quality assurance to be part of a cast with infamous actors like him. Man to be His agent is for to be a crappy job. Probably break a record for how many times you'd get hung up on the phone by casting agencies just by mentioning you work with Mr.Cage.
  10. Oh God DSP.... Yea Im gonna bet he is gonna not know how to meld commands or play the command deck. Can't what for his reaction to the secret bosses. You thought he was salty when he faced off against the absent silouetthes? He will probably break his controller (again) as soon as he faces mysterious figure or vanitas remnant. not that I'd blame him thought if he did get frustrated. Ice Cream Beat is either going to be hilarious or cringeworthy.
  11. I agree with you that the song was suppose to be uplifting, the problem is that Megan trips over herself with the message by making the subtext of -some "skinny" shaming and making bottom types acceptable to guys. In addition to the Infamous "Skinny Bitches" line, other things I didn't like was the stupid "baby voice" vocals, another line that was exclaiming that it is unacceptable to her if your into " stick figure silicon Barbie dolls"( which screams hyper obliviousness and obnoxiousness). Over all the message is less and less positive the more you listen. Also minor nitpick, for a title called "All about that Bass", could I'd have more Bass then a drowned out bass guitar?
  12. Wow Throne of Atlantis was awesome! DC has really good animated movies!

  13. I think that Stich and Genie are in stiff competitiom for best summon. Them summons are very under-appreciated as they only cost 3 bars of drive and there is no penalty system like anti-form for drives Well yes and no. The best ground Keyblade? I'll give you that. But I found that it wasn't very effective on enemies with low revenge values and other support abilites like Ultimas MP haste and magic specific foes like Vexen and Demyx are weak to the fire boost bonus to the Keyblade that Axel gives you.
  14. Noooo... Both Xehanort's voice actors ( English and Japanese)

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