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  1. Just use MusicBrainz Picard https://picard.musicbrainz.org/
  2. Every time I think about PETA I have a debate if I would rather have a giant Douche or Turd for a mascot (reference to South Park).
  3. This is Yu-Gi-Oh in a nutshell Let us all try to get the page number over............
  4. I can play that game too wat yes times something greater than infinity (Yugi style)
  5. Hey there! How have you been doing? Are you keeping up with the latest? I think it used to be ”ここから俺のステージだ!” now its "START YOUR ENGINE!!", Anyways, I hope you're doing well ~ cheers

    1. Sora2


      Surely "START YOUR ENGINE!!" ... is like




  6. YOOOO long time no see how have you been mate :D

  7. YOOOO long time no see how have you been mate :D

    1. catmaster0116


      Hello, i've been well thanks, yourself?

    2. Sora2


      Same old ... same old

  8. How have you been :D

  9. Yaoi = Awesome Yaoi = Kingdom hearts 3 Imagine the HD RikuXSora all the love being shared around
  10. To be honest I really do not give a firetruck Also can you blame them with how Nomura is showing them to ................. KH 2 when riku and sora meeted .. Sora was on his knees and then in DDD sora was very close when riku saved him ...... I think Nomura is saying this as a easter egg "If you want sora and riku to be lovers go for it and if you sora to be with kairi go for it along as you give me your money I am happy" Let the yaoi fans have fun a long has they are not grabbing you and forcing you to watch it .... firetruck it .. also DDD had some yaoi
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