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  1. "I'm Laurel." She replied. Part of her was happy that he followed, for some reason she always felt as if she needed to make sure everyone was happy. Now I'm a motherly figure. "You just need to relax. We're stuck out here, and the conselors could probably care less about what we do." She shrugged. "We don't have to worry about our parents and have fun." Laurel half-smiled. "And I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you don't always have the best time."
  2. Laurel looked at the bed, determined to make it . . . not horrible. Taking a deep breath, she tried brushing away the dust on the mattress, then spread out her sleeping bag ontop of it for a mattress, a tip she learned from summer camps when she was younger. Thankfully, she brought her own pillow, so she threw aside the dusty excuse for a pillow and placed her own. "There." she stated happily, laying out a blanket, admiring her work. "That's not so bad." She wasn't sure what she would do next, until she heard a someone outside. They had to far away, but it was still loud enough to hear. Laurel glanced up at the boy who was another of her roommates. He was just sitting there on the bunk. For some reason, she let this annoy her. "If you're going to just brood, I'm going to see what everyone else is up to." She headed for the door, then paused and turned around. "We are supposed to have fun, you know." She managed to add a small smile, and went out. It was easy enough to find the source of the noise, Judy, wasn't it? Anyway, Judy appeared to be grabbing her friend, a guy who was at least a head taller than Laurel, along with another camper, probably bunkmate. She wasn't sure if it would be rude to intrude, so for a moment, she casually gazed to the forest. Would someone pass out just because they a saw a deer or something, right? Because if not, we're not alone out here. She tried to shake off these chilling thoughts. Nah. Probably a prank set up by the conselors. 'Team work' with the other campers and all that jazz.
  3. Laurel let out a sigh of relief, glad that she hadn't been hurt. "It's okay, we all have our moments." Suddenly, she remembered a name overheard when the conselours were talking to the campers. "Ariella, right? I'm Laurel." she started walking back to the cabin, but from the looks of it, she would've rather slept in the forest. Probably less bugs and dirt in the forest than there is in the cabin. She thought sarcastically. Laurel pushed open the door, and suprise suprise, the interior was a mess. Two bunk beds, a small table, and enough dust to cover the whole camp ten times. "Just perfect." Laurel muttered, tossing her bags on a lower bunk, then promtly sneezing.
  4. Laurel walked up to the cabin, the only other person here was a boy with blonde hair. She sighed slightly as she dragged herself over, until she noticed something in the grass, or rather someone. "Hello?" She bent down slightly. She didn't think anyone here would lie down to enjoy the view. "Hello?" she asked again, now on her knees to see who it was. She was one of the girls from earlier, but Laurel knew nothing about her. "Hey, you should probably get to your cabin or something-" She stopped as she leaned over to get a better look. The girl eyes were fixed in a certain spot in the distance, but they were dull, like a deer caught in the headlights. Laurel shook the girls shoulder, starting to feel panic rise up in her. "Are you okay?" She asked, barely able to keep her voice from shaking.
  5. The camp conselours came to check Laurel for electronics, but they needn't bother. She had a habit of following the rules, and hadn't brought anything in the first place. The closest thing she had to anything electronic was the mechanical pencils in her bag. "Which cabin will I be staying in?" she asked. "Burgundy." Laurel nodded and headed in the direction of a cabin painted a color similar to a dull auburn. "At least its standing." she muttered. The camp was beginning to look less dreadful, though. The activites that Johnny had talked about were really here, and not some shoddy attempt at making it look fun. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. (Agh. Finally had the sense to look at the first post. I've edited it, sorry.)
  6. "Yeah, if he's trying to get everyone's attention, it must be remotely important." Laurel replied. As she walked over to the chairs, she spotted the girl who had screamed about the spider earlier. She felt for her; everyone was probably going to give her a hard time about screaming about a spider in a forest, but in all honesty, Laurel was afraid of any creepy-crawly thing, too. "Hey," she walked up to her. "I've would've screamed, too." She admitted with a half-smile. "I'm Laurel."
  7. "I sing a little, I suppose. I could never write my own, I could never remember the tune." Laurel had just finished when a another camper walked over and introduced herself as Judy, then 'polietly' asked if the two of them would care to join their conversation. At least she complimented Laurel's hair. "Thanks. Uh, sure." She hoisted herself to her feet, and yet again gathered her bags. At least they weren't heavy. "You coming?" She asked Katelyn.
  8. Laurel looked up to see one of the campers. She managed a small smile. "It's ok, I'm not that great at making friends, either. " she added with a small laugh, remembering how she always was the quiet one, having maybe two or three real friends. "I'm Laurel." The girl was similar to Laurel, in having a small frame, light colored eyes, and long hair. But she had brown instead of blonde, and it was loose unlike her's, which was done in a braid, and of course the ends of Laurel's hair were tinted a barely noticable green. The girl was dressed casually, and holding a book bag and a guitar case. This caught her eye. "You play guitar?"
  9. Laurel stared out the window, drowning out most of her parents warnings and rules. When we get to this place, there will finally be no more constant nagging. She reminded herself as she rolled her eyes. She loved her mom and dad with all her heart, but they were so controlling, always hovering. At last, they pulled into the drive of the camp, if you could call it that. It looked as though it'd been hit by a hurricane, then used as a horror movie set. This caused her parents admonishments to increase, and turn into pleas to stay home. Laurel simply picked up her bags and waved goodbye. Reluctantly, they drove away. "I'll be lucky if they don't come here tomorrow morning to pick me up." she muttered. The camp itself was a mess, but the scenery was nice. The sun shone through the trees like something from a fairy tale. "Hello, and welcome to Camp Sunnybrook!" Laurel turned to look at an over-enthusiastic lady, who was clearly one of the conselors. "Hi, I'm Laurel Hazel. Where do I . . ." she trailed off, hoping the conselor would point in where she would be staying. Laurel said a little prayer that it would be in one piece. "We'll be meeting by the lake until everyone arrives." Laurel nodded, and headed in where she guessed was the lake. Already, there were many people here, none looked remotely familar. Setting her few bags down, she plopped down in the grass. From what she could hear, there was only one conversation worth listening to, a discussion about who would be the killer here. This trip is going to be great. she thought sarcastically.
  10. Snow White auditions are today. D: Quick, someone tell me to break a leg!

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  11. Name: Laurel Hazel Age (13-17): 15 Gender: Female Appearance (no photos): Slightly longer than shoulder-length blonder hair, usually in a braid, light teal eyes, light but not pale skin, few freckles around the eyes, petite nose and mouth. She usually has a neutral expression, and doesn't smile much, despite having a nice set of straight teeth. Laurel is slightly shorter than normal, slim with a nice figure. She wears a pine green knee-length afternoon dress with a hood, brown shawl, brown boots, cream stockings, and the tips of her hair are dyed spring green. She constantly either scribbling something in her notebook, has her nose stuck in a book, or is staring off into space. Bio: Laurel spends most of time writing or reading, locked in a fantasy world. Calling her a day-dreamer would be an understatment. She wants have some excitement in her life, like the characters in her books, but her parents are very over-protective. She fantasises about lived in an 'enchanted forest'. At last, Laurel's convinced her parents to let her go to camp, but she's about to learn that all stories don't have happy endings.
  12. Hey guys, I just wanted to talk with you guys about a little thing that went down at school today. It's been bugging me, and what better way to get over something than by talking about it on the Internet? So, there's a guy at my school who can't really control his temper, and is known to throw fits and literally start throwing things from his shoes to a chair. EVERYONE knows this. Today at lunch, I'm not exactly sure what happened, so I'm going to put what from my view first, then what little I learned later. I'm eating lunch, and about two tables down there's a group of sort of nerdy boys. Among this group is the afore mentioned boy who has anger issues (Kid 1), and another who has a the same problem, but a bit milder (Kid 2). I look over, and I see a crutch swinging out at Kid 2, and he is obviously freaking out. So does everyone around him. Apparently, Kid 1 is on crutches and is swinging them at people. A milk carton or shoe or something flies across the room. Some girls are screaming and everyone is sensibly backing away. Around is here is when I start to get annoyed at everyone. They're mocking Kid 1. Finally, a janitor splits the two up, although there is a police officer on the other side of the room who is eating his lunch. The rest of lunch is a bit more peaceful, aside from the fact that a group of normally giggly girls walk over there and interrogate Kid 2, because they need the details for the rumors that will inevitably spread before the next period. I walk a bit faster to my class, because even though I'm not scared of being hit in the face by a crutch, I don't want any drama. On the way down, I can hear people teasing and taunting Kid 1. I don't blame him for getting angry, if people were doing that to me, I hit 'em too! However, there is one guy, bless him, Kid 1's friend maybe, who is trying to keep everyone away from him. Of course, the classroom is locked and Kid 1 and 2 have classes in the same hallway as me. Everyone else starts to come in, but a few wander to Kid 1's class to . . . what? See him, then laugh and run away? Mock him? Jee, I wonder why he got so mad. The teacher unlocks the door, and everyone floods in quickly, scared. I don't why, maybe Kid 1 looked at them. Everyone's freaking out, and the teacher is obviously annoyed at their over-reaction like me. I mention to my table-mates in frustration: "Maybe if everyone just left him alone, he won't start hitting people! If someone taunted me like that, I'd punch them too." Only one girl responds saying something about Kid 1 being scary and that we should into lock down or something. I am seriously annoyed now. The class is still freaking out but laughing, saying we should go into lock-down (like that would help, even if there was a real threat). One boy, a class clown, says that he really needs to go to the restroom, but since Kid 1 might be in the hallway, its too dangerous, of course! The teacher asks sarcastically if he wants her to walk down the hallway with him. He reluctantly walks out with people snickering. I say in annoyance "It's not like he walking into a mine-field." the girl from earlier says "But Kid 1 might be out there." Now, I really think I'm to walk to the front of the room and tell everyone what idiots they are. Next period, I tell my really good, awesome friend what happened. She somewhat agrees with me about everyone's reaction. Later, I learned that on the way down the hall after lunch, Kid 2 is telling Kid 1 to not walk too close to the lockers (are you supposed to avoid walls on crutches?) because he might hurt himself. Kid 1 tells him to shut up. Kid 2 backs off slightly, but tells him to watch out, and again the reply is 'shut up'. I know he was trying to be nice, but sometimes the nicest you can do for someone is to be quiet and leave them be. So, what do y'all think? I think that everone was annoying Kid 1 on purpose and get away with him throwing a fit, because they were 'just trying to talk to him'. No, you weren't. You knew you were annoying him. AGH! As you can tell, I'm not exactly fond of my peers. It felt good to type that though.
  13. -Outsider: (Against Goverment) Name: Chelsea (Chase) Williams Age: 18 Gender: Female Appearence: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=anime+girl+with+brown+hair&qs=n&form=QBIR&pq=anime+girl+with+brown+hair&sc=8-26&sp=-1&sk=#view=detail&id=F84961A5EE1B90346E4A621F3F477CB3E6D056C6&selectedIndex=37 Weapon: Bow and Arrow, not too bad with a pistol Bio: Chase grew up an Outsider around Hox, barely surviving on what little she could find. She hated the government and the people of the cities for allowing the government to continue in their expirements. When she heard whispers of shutting the power off, she joined to help. She played a small hand in hacking the system, but not enough to be considered part of the event. She was just able to escape before the rest were killed. While escaping, she was attacked by a few scientists, and just about managed to get away. However, it left a scar down neck to her right shoulder, leaving her mistaken for an Expiremented. Extra information: Chase hates when she's called by her real name, unless by her parents. She wants nothing more than to see the government brought crumbling down, but she's smart enough to not let this blind her decisions. She's wary of newcomers, but its not impossible to earn her trust. Citizen: (Normal citizens that end up getting involved in the conflict,willingly or not. Neutral as they can have a change of heart depending on what they bealive.) Name: Kara Ivory Age: 17 Gender: Female Appearence: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=anime+girl+with+blonde+hair&qs=n&form=QBIR&pq=anime+girl+with+blonde+hair&sc=4-27&sp=-1&sk=#view=detail&id=102B0A99DFE461654650CCEE248B5240290295EE&selectedIndex=0 Weapon: None learned Bio: Kara grew up in Jora, spoiled rotten. She was pretty, her family was rich, and she's popular. She thought her life was perfect, until the lights when out. She thought she would always be safe, that nothing ever bad would happen to her. But now her parents are leaving her alone at home more often to go to meetings she knows nothing about. She's heard rumors about people hunting the Expiremented, but surely her parents would never support such a sick and barbaric thing? Now she's beginning to question what she's been taught all her life and whether her life really was 'perfect.' Extra infromation: Kara is sugary sweet and caring, but she can be quiet when she needs to. Despite being taught that Outsiders werethe enemy, she has a sense of true right and wrong.
  14. I don't have enough time to make a sheet now, but I'm definitely going to sign up when I get home.
  15. My school's play auditions for Snow White are next week! The only feeling worse then waiting till auditions is waiting for the cast list.

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