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  1. I wanna go for this year's E3 but... 14-old. Saving Money for other stuff....Can't.
  2. Add the countdown...NOOOOWW!!! So..July...We're in April...7-4..It's equal to...Three MONTHS OF WAIT? HEY EVERYONE, I'M MOVING TO JAPAN, ANYONE WANNA COME WITH ME? Seriously, i can't wait any longer.
  3. Ok, so, as most of us have seen, in the end of KH3D's opening: After discussing a bit with a friend of mine, i got this little theory here (correct anything wrong in it please, like facts in the KH story that i probably didn't understand well and may have wrote stupid stuff.) The theory contains some spoilers, though... It made no sense i guess, but, please go easy on me Sorry for the bad english btw, i'm Brazillian. Don't spoil anything about KH3D in this, please!
  4. Well actually, aprox. 9/10 days...I doubt someone is able to finish the game in 24 hours, since it's gonna be as big as KHII.
  5. 11 Days for Japan, Some months or a year for the US, and a whole eternity x 3 + 580349 Years for Brazil.
  6. Welcome! Have a wonderful time! How did you meet the KH series?
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