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  1. A little late to say this, but what the heck. Merry Christmas one and all.

  2. Lost lots of the features that most people used/liked (drawing and saving the chat), you can't have two tabs open of the site because one chat will get the message but not the other, the big chatroom is blocked by the private chats, the popup noise is a lot worse than the last one, sometimes when you post something it never shows up or shows up 15 times, and sometimes the chat manages to take the last 10 messages from the other person and repost them. And the look of the older one was better.
  3. ... Alright, what would it take to convince DChiuch to change the chat back to the way it was? Before it stunk?
  4. Could you add a feature that lets you save the chats on your comp? I really liked that on the old one...
  5. Who agrees with me that this new chat is bad?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Enmaa


      Messages won't show up when switching tabs and stuff.

    3. Shuichi Saihara

      Shuichi Saihara

      ^ I thought that was just me.

    4. MadnessBomber


      That happens to me too.

  6. ... New chat? ... Can I still save the chats on my comp?

    1. MadnessBomber


      ... Apparently not. Aw crap...

  7. One of my favorite sites just expired... Hope it comes back on soon...

    1. SoRox


      perhaps you can revisit an archived version of the site via using: archive.org/web/

    2. MadnessBomber


      Tried it. Didn't work...

    3. SoRox


      aw, well at least you tried...

  8. ... Something really weird's going on...

  9. Happy Halloween everyone.

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Happy Halloween! ^^

  10. ... I wonder why everyone's so busy/missing...

    1. Alexaclmn


      They're probably pleasuring themselves.


    2. _The Door To Light_

      _The Door To Light_

      School, man. School is a jerk that robs your free time.

    3. MadnessBomber


      I get that, but still... I'm just a little worried is all.

  11. Why do people vanish after I chat with them?

    1. Lalalablah


      D: maybe they're on their phones and the chats don't show up

    2. Javelin434


      ^Usually the case

    3. MadnessBomber


      ... But they haven't been on the site in a while itself. Not just chat. I chat with them, next day they're gone.

  12. Happy Birthday Ophex. I miss talking to you. Hope you can come back on soon.

  13. ... *Worried* ...

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