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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Ah ok. thank you so much. I was afraid there was a bug that prevented it from spawning. I didn't wanna do all of that again on another playthrough. Thanks again
  2. So I have beat all 12 Mushroom XIIIs except for No.1, which spawns in The World That Never Was, which in my case is not spawning. I'm at the alter of naught so I cant progress anymore. and also the mini game doesn't show up on the journel. is this bugged? or am I doing something wrong or am I missing something? thanks for the help.
  3. tales of vesperia1.5okami denmuramasa etrian odyssey untold okami wii zelda wind waker HDokami HD japanese import wanting to get star ocean games and tales of legendiaPokemon Y dur
  4. no, you cut it poorly, the size is to small and you should have used picture printer paper.better luck next time.
  5. naw i havnt played it in a long timeive been playing my japanese imported Okami HD, and pokemaine Y
  6. Lowest to highest in terms of gameplay, because its sorda hard to rate according to story when it all contributes to one full story.DaysKH2CodedCOM DDD KH1 BBS
  7. i think i would be really really mad. though i know it will happen so whatever1 KH game a year, the next new one is KH3, which is still early in development. Its not comeing out next year, so 2.5 or whatever they decide to call it, just has to happen.
  8. DDD because honestly, they are the best worlds, the worlds themselves are alot bigger, and non of them, maybe except for Riku's Monstro, were dissapointing, they where all collerful and beautiful to look at.
  9. etrian odyssey untold 2day woo

  10. i really need help with my korean if you speak korean as your native tounge please be my friends lol

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