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  1. Though its probably unlikely, I am hoping for 2015. It will be the thirteenth anniversary of the series and it would be appropriate if an important game (or release date announced on the anniversary) came out during this time. Though I would settle for game-changing information too.
  2. Mostly because I still have games I play on the old systems that don't work on newer ones.
  3. Hours upon hours of studying. It is the only disadvantage to doing high school and college at the same time...
  4. If I had a PS3 then I probably would have regretted buying the handheld games, otherwise I am pretty glad that I bought those games.
  5. I think that really depends on how far from now it would be released, the future of the series, and what gaming platforms are available (whether there is a form of back play compatibility and whether the series is continuing on those new platforms) to determine if there should be a KH HD 3.5 Remix.
  6. My first video game series was Pokémon, I started playing it when I was a little kid and I still play it today. But Kingdom Hearts is still my favorite video game series!
  7. Merry Christmas Everyone! I truly hope you enjoy what is left of thisyear and all of the next one.

    1. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Thanks, the same to you! :D

  8. Decorating the house is one of the best things to do for Christmas. Most of our decorations are passed down from my great-grandmother so there is always sentimental value behind every single one. It also helps to make the house seem warmer and more welcoming.
  9. To be honest that series is probably my favorite out of the entire Digimon franchise. I would definitely recommend you watch it. There is a smaller cast in Frontier then most of the other series and while the humans don't have digimon partners, the show still manages to showcase the wonders of the digital world itself that are sometimes missed with other seasons (excluding the first series of course since it takes place almost entirely within the digital world, and some aspects of Adventure 02 since they do come home after every trip). Some of the elements of the previous series are brought back and help to make this a great series. And there is a goggle head and a misunderstood loner, so everything works out.
  10. We do know that during Chain of Memories Xemnas was searching for the room Ven was in. It may have been echoes of Terra's desire to make sure Ven and Aqua were safe, but it could also have been Xemnas's desire to find another vessel for Xehanort. Xehanort did say that Sora and another on their list belonged to him. We know where Aqua is and she is the least likely to be a vessel. Terra being a vessel is such an obvious choice, one that may not even be true since Xehanort has his original body and Xemnas is not considered to be Terra. Nomura said that the lights would be surprising, perhaps the same can be said for the thirteen darknesses. If that is the case then there is no reason that Ven couldn't be one of the vessels.
  11. I disagree with Cartoon Network. Four, five years ago I would have said sure but they don't have much going anymore that makes them KH quality. They haven't been able to really keep many serious shows on lately, they tend to destroy a lot of dubbed shows, and their current "star" shows seem to down grade what was once a great channel. Besides which, Disney would get first pick because of all of the copy right issues that would arise. Though most standard cartoon channels leave something to be desired lately in my opinion, so I don't hold much hope for any of them.
  12. Lived in six different homes, but I have moved into the same house twice (once to stay with family while transitioning cities, the next time to move into the house permanently, it was also my favorite house!). I have moved quite a bit and I am still only in high school (most of the moves being middle school and on), so hopefully the future involves far less moving.
  13. Seriously hoping KH3 won't be on the PS4. It would make it very difficult to get the game.
  14. I have had several close friends, but my best friend is the best person I have ever met. The best thing is that she actually puts effort into her friendships like I do.
  15. Star Trek this weekend and school is almost over! This year gets better and better.

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