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Hi, you're on my About Me page! My name's Antonio as you can probably tell. I am a KH fan, and have been in the site for a year and a couple months and I love it here! Everyone makes me feel home!

Aside from that, which was all obvious, I live in Brasil, and the only thing that's missing here is KH fans and more connection with video games in general. I also happen to love Nintendo's franchises, specially Zelda and Metroid, which I've recently been more into lately. 


I currently own a PS2, Wii and 3DS. Unfortunately, I have a big problem in my hands now, since I have to get a PS3 for a great deal of games, including KH1.5, a WiiU for possible Metroid and surely new Zelda games and a PS4 because of KHIII! (And I must point out that, like many, I cried a lot and freaked out). So i'm saving as much money as I can...


Final Fantasy is another interest, though i haven't played that much of them... My favorite being XII, which I've beaten three or four times. I'm also really excited for FFXV.

To finish, I'm just gonna talk a little about how I am. I am shy irl, but not that much on the internet because there's no eye contact pressure xD I like to hang out with friends, though time hasn't been much recently... And I am emotional, so it's totally okay to cry while playing games! It's part of why it's cool, why I like it. The story is a big deal in gaming.

And just so you know, I will say something stupid to you not intenionally, and I will apologize, but what you will not see is my face getting all red. 



One last detail I have to add: I'm cathcing up with the Pokemon franchise now. I get too carried away with the games, so I can only play them during my vacations. For now, I'm watching all seasons of the anime, and reading the manga sometimes, though I'll focus on the latter when I watch all the episodes.


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