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  1. I voted for Two Becomes One, because I love it so much and it only appears in KH2FM which is my favorite game. But Kingdom Key, Oblivion, Oeathkeeper and so many other as so cool, it's kinda hard to decide on a definite one.
  2. Now that I finished Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood... What should I do with my life T.T

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    2. Demyx.


      Its amazing. Best anime ive seen in years

    3. Shuichi Saihara

      Shuichi Saihara

      I got to ep 11 thinking "i hope this anime never ends, its so awesome"


      Ep 12 happened.

    4. AntonioKHT


      I do have some episodes of HIMYM to watch...

      Knights if Sidonia... Ok, I'll watch it too xD Thanks for the tips guys! i'm really missing FMA, I could use a new show

      Oh, and Fairy Tail... That's way too big, I'll watch it when I have more time xP

  3. Finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist today, and I gotta agree: It's a masterpiece

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    2. Danex Darkfire +
    3. DragonMaster


      It truly is a work of art. :)

    4. Col.Random


      Gotta agree with xaon.

      You MUST watch it

  4. I used to have lots of tracks on my iPod, but it got stolen -_- I got a better cellphone some years later and I put just the Kh2 soundtracks in it, but still makes a lot of music Currently working on putting the rest
  5. I rarely talk about Kingdom Hearts at school. Very few people know the series, and when they do, most of them are like "Really, Disney characters?". I guess at high school it's really hard for people not to judge without knowing the series =S I've got some friends who like KH, but they're not into the series like me. So they just get tired of talking about it. But I never give up trying to get someone to like Kingdom Hearts
  6. It took quite some time, but I finally read all notifications from post a picture of yourself... 140 is way too much! But it was worth it

  7. I liked it a lot! The covers for the HD collection were amazing, both of them! The only thing I think it's missing is KH2 Riku. And Kairi too! But I guess they don't appear that much in the game? It's understandable, since there would be a lot of characters in the cover too...
  8. It's not really clear how he appears in the games. From what we know, he just has a connection with darkness in the game. And yeah, he's in KH3D because he's from the movie Fantasia. You could say he's an enemy from Symphony of the Sorcery, and that this world was destroyed by Ansem Seeker of Darkness. Chernabog could have somehow survided the destruction though, and stayed in End of World with all its darkness. Or Ansem could have somehow summoned him, since he would be a good enemy to Sora. I personally think he doesn't even exist in any particular world. Since Young Xehanort kinda summons him in KH3D, and Ansem could have done the same in Kingdom Hearts. There's no definite answer I would say. But we can make many theories
  9. Yeah, I don't think it'll happen. And if it does, not any time soon... But I am very interested in a Days remake, since it's one of the best stories of the KH series, but has really annoying gameplay. Also, KH3D for a console would be realy cool!
  10. But that doesn't make it a horrible or bad ending. And the show had lots of sad moments, perhaps it was a sudden change considering the last season, but it had a very strong realism throughout it as a whole. And I totally agree with you in that last part. The 9th season had few events for most of it, and suddenly everything appeared in the last three episodes, so they should have done a better job by showing Ted spending more time with the mom, and overall spacing out of the things that were all in the last episode. It was really annoying how they seemed to be delaying the ending by making mediocre episodes. You put everything really well. Barney had this change lots of times in the series, as he had more serious relationships, and ruined them. And that was the biggest issue, since they saved all events to the very end, it was really dissapointing seeing Ted rushing to Robin again, because it really seemed he quickly got over the mother. That's what causes all sorts of feeling in the ending for me, because when you hear his kids saying "it's been six year dad", you realise he deserves to be happy, and no one should keep locking themselves up, and being alone because they were in love. But Robin? Saying that Ted was "probably the guy I should've had ended up with" was heartbreaking. Didn't she had feelings for Barney? And worst of all, how will he feel when he finds out Ted and Robin are dating? So the series made big contradictions here.
  11. Well, I just thought it was good because life can be like that too: a number of things suddenly happen, that you don't even realise. And a lot of sad suprises too. Sometimes death is just as random as that. I just think they exagerate it, there were way too many, and the show lost itself, like you said. And really dissapointing was how Ted still hadn't forgotten about Robin, which caused the impression that he didn't care so much about the mother.
  12. It was a good ending because I bet no one saw that coming. None of the things that happened in the last episode. But I must say I hated it, because all I believed the show was, what he felt, was a lie. I thought Ted'd be happy with his wife, but he wasn't. I thought Robin loved Barney, but she didn't. I didn't think there'd be such sad events in the last episode, but there were way too many. Worst of all for me was that Robin rejected Ted through the rest of the show, and when he's happy she changed her mind? What kind of love is that? And what about what she said she should have ended up with him? Because he was nice? I hate the Robin of this last episode, I do. The happy edning would be my choice, but it's not what happened. The ending was genius, really good, well wrtitten andamazing ideas, but I just didn't like it.
  13. I don't know if i'm getting it (WiiU), but I'd lvoe to see Days on it. And as you already said, The Wolrd Ends With You
  14. I get it! Madara awakened The Force with his Rinnegan, it all makes sense now

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