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  1. The Roxas Namine Oath

    Lu Xun's stories : The Empire

    Sounds interesting. Keep doing the stories. They're great.
  2. Just got back from Impact Camp a few days ago. It was awesome but I couldn't play my game, so I haven't played Kingdom Hearts for a week. But the good news is, I get Birth By Sleep in 5 days! Yay! Woo!

  3. The Roxas Namine Oath

    Do you intend to buy the Wii U?

    Whats a Wii U?
  4. Okay, so I was watching one of my favorite old shows on youtube, but I had to check the mail. When I came back nothing was on the laptop. I thought the laptop went dead cause the charger hadn't been plugged in all morning so I plugged it in and went to play KH Re:coded. I come back to the laptop n press the on button n it turns on! The laptop just turned off by itself! I'm like'WHAT THE HELL?!'

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    2. The Roxas Namine Oath

      The Roxas Namine Oath

      Idk, I could have been wrong. All I know is that I walked in with nothing on whatsoever.

    3. Koko


      it probably did turn off from either a dead battery or it overheated lol

    4. The Roxas Namine Oath

      The Roxas Namine Oath

      Well, I do use it alot and I don't know that much about computers. lol

  5. The Roxas Namine Oath

    Please help me.

    Please cheer up. I know it seems bad right now, but things will get better, trust me. Even, if it looks like all hope is lost, there's still someone whose looking out for you and is still there for you. I know just how you feel. I have had the most horrible times of my life and I'm still here strong and happy because there were people to make me happy and they were there for me. Whatever goes on in your life, however hard your trials are, whatever hardships you have will just make you stronger. Don't ever let what anyone tells you bring you down. If they're always mean and are jerks, then there's no reason to hang around them. I am sure that you are very successful and a very extrordinary man/woman. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Everybody is unique in their own way.
  6. Got three days of school left and then summer vacation! Yes! I'm in such a good mood! I beat the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded game, but still have to finish some stuff. Today is gonna be a great day!

  7. The Roxas Namine Oath

    Favorite part of Days

    Well, my favorite and most memorable part in KH Days is when Axel stops Xion and Roxas from fighting which was a set up and when they go back together to the clock tower for ice cream and they're enjoying the beautiful sunset. That was before things got really bad and ugly.
  8. The Roxas Namine Oath

    Replace Words With Cookie!

    I am cookie. How are cookie, today?
  9. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and I'm at Castle Oblivion, now. I've had this game for a year now and I think I've almost beat it. It usually takes me a while to finish stuff.

    1. beadprincess


      That's just like me:)

    2. replika13


      yr too slow xD

      i finish games like that in 10 hours. Non-SE games i can beat in 5 hours.

    3. The Roxas Namine Oath

      The Roxas Namine Oath

      Yeah, but if I do anything to complete it, it takes me forever. Like a person can finish in like 10 minutes, but I'll be the last one to finish.

  10. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and I'm at Castle Oblivion, now. I've had this game for a year now and I think I've almost beat it. It usually takes me a while to finish stuff.

  11. The Roxas Namine Oath

    "I want to change my username" & "I want to delete my account"

    Okay, its been two weeks almost three. So could you please change my name to " The Roxas Namine Oath", please. I'm really sure I want to change it and I've only asked you to change it once. These three times I've asked was because you never changed it, so can you please change it.
  12. I just got Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. I won't get to play it til June 29, my birthday, but I still got it. If you got any tips or advice for the game please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Skai


      Start with Terra, then Ven, then Aqua.

    2. Jim


      When you first get Esuna, buy another block command and meld block and Esuna.Throw in a Wellspring Crystal and be amazed.

    3. kingdombladesventus


      To get the utima keybalde, you have to win it in the Mirage Arena, After you get 9999 medals. I did some research, how to get it.

  13. The Roxas Namine Oath

    Post in a different language

    Hola. Como estas? Me llamo es Sam. Hi. How are you? My name is Sam. (I think thats right)
  14. The Roxas Namine Oath

    roxas cuppie By mika miku d38f6y3

    Awww! Its so adorable!