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  1. My team for pkmn team for white is Sceptile Imfernape Samurott Pikachu Archeops Garchomp. Best dragon you could ever have
  2. Love flowmotion but demo should have been like the first 20 to 30 min. Also demo has a glitch in tutorial where u get stuck on first pole. Happened to me and saw another video on YouTube.
  3. Also anyone notice that heartless never again showed up in destiny island after kh1? Even in kh2. I mean the keyhole was never sealed.
  4. Oblivion445

    social sora

    I'd do the same I mean they can take care of themselves and my friends would be more important because they know the situation.
  5. Nice that's the one I reserved I just don't feel like typingMark of Mastery I always see the same people posting why?
  6. Welcome new comers anyone reserve kh3d yet. If so regular Or mastery edition I reserved mastery edition
  7. Does anyone know wen we get demo in u.s
  8. Kinda becuz he said he felt it was best she went back to where she came from
  9. Just watched gameplay of kh 3d amazing game
  10. It is against the rules to double post (posting twice in a row, in the same thread). Please keep this in mind when posting. If you want to add something to your post, just edit it.

  11. I was looking for updates on the game on Youtube and the link was in the video
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