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  1. I just entered "Hollow Basiton" by departing in "Neverland" and then going to the Gummi Ship through warp hole, thanks everyone for trying to help me
  2. I've done all that! What should I do? I'm hopeless
  3. Oh! Now I know what are you talking about, I've went to talk to Cid and I saw Kairi when she was young with her Grandmother, is that what you mean?
  4. How many Navi-G pieces do I need and where can I find them?
  5. So, I've finished all the worlds except for "100 Acre Wood" so I wanna go to the last world which is "Hollow Bastion" but I can't, I keep pressing Depart but nothing happens?! & yes I've finished "Olympus Coliseum", any ideas? And what level do you suggest me to be before I enter "Hollow Bastion"? I'm level 39 now
  6. Happy one year on kh13, Beauller!

  7. Thank you sooo much for your support
  8. Please be supportive, 1 Like/Follow = Supporting
  9. Did you already liked or followed them?
  10. New Leaf [FANS-ZONE] is an fan club for Animal Crossing: New Leaf where we're gonna share: Animal Crossing: New Leaf News, Fans QR codes, Fan made Artwork & a lot more. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ACNLFZ Twitter Page : https://twitter.com/ACNL_FZ Want us to post your: -Fan made Artwork -QR Codes (Only US & EU Version) Just send your name & Artwork or QR Code to ACNL-FZ@live.com
  11. I don't know why people love Pokemon it's a boring RPG! I can't wait for Nintendo to release Animal Crossing: New Leaf in USA
  12. It's an RPG? Then no I'm not excited
  13. I updated the thread with my designs, I actually made an box art for it if you would like to see?
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