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  1. I Have Been Busy With House Work Too!!!! >o<Getting Ready To Move Into It!!
  2. "Ummmm, well.... I brought my quiver.. " Apollo pulled the strap off his shoulder and slung it off to the ground. "It has my bow and arrows.." He slumped casually to the ground next to it and crossed his legs. "Guess I just thought there would be some game around here."He eyed his quiver and remembered something and laid the quiver on his lap."Oh, and I brought this." His hand opened a hidden compartment at the bottom. And from it he drew disk-like object. It was jade in color, but the color wasn't even. It seemed to made of precious stone.
  3. *Grrrr* [Looks like I could use some nourishment as well..] Apollo thought while his stomach rumbled. He approached the shed. "Well, looks like there's food." He said, turning his head back to them a little. "Hm, seems to be mostly jarred fruit." He said a little disappointed. He tried to open the door, but it was stuck. He stepped back and then kicked it in. It was pretty rotten, so it splinterd to pieces. "Heh, Heh. Oops" He stood in front of the doorway for a moment, a little embarrassed about breaking the door. He then walked in, his boots making slight crunching sounds on the splinters. [Odd spot for a supply shed] He thought curiously.
  4. Apollo replaced his bow and arrow and walked towards Varion, Fairy, Aya, And Sairi. [Do you see, Father?? You were right] He thought as he approached them. He stopped about ten feet away "You did well, Fairy" He told her sincerily the. Looked at the others. "You all did well."I'm quite pleased that we were all placed on the same team. It seems we were meant to make This journey together." He may have been getting carried away, but they had met a kamyn and survived. He knew they could do it, he knew they would "I think we should head on, there seems to be a small supply station a little ways up. Although it looks a little run down"
  5. Man, Quest Creation Is My Favorite Feature!! I Can Still Send You Some Though, Even If You Haven't Made Any. And Sure. I'd Love To Fight (Lose).P.S. Here's A Cruddy Pic Of Platinum Team Facing Vortimer. It Was Done In The Car. e_e
  6. Sorry, MDS. One Last Thing, Would Anypony Be Interested In Swapping Quests With Me On Dissidia 012??
  7. I'm Currently Building A New PC (Mine's Pretty Much Done For). It's For Video Editing, But It Will Definitely Be Game Capable. Do You Do Any Heavy Gaming On Your Ipad?? >3< I Need To Get A PS3. I Got KH HD, But I Have Nothing To Play It On. ::>_<::PS1, Like 2 Gamecubes (I Have No Idea What Happened), Xbox, PS2, Xbox 360, PSP 1000, DS, PSP 2000 (Crisis Core Edition!!), DSI (Flipnote Was The Greatest Thing To Happen On That System!!), 3DS, Vita, And PC. And A GB Color, And GB Advance, Not Sure Of The Whereabouts Though. Also, I Started On NES And SNES (Probably In The Attic). We Also Got A Sega Genesis. We Also Have A Couple Of Ataris, Didn't Even Know About Em Ti'll I Was Older Though. Don't Think They Still Worked When I Started Gaming, Ha Ha.
  8. Any Gears Of War, Man?? (Mass Effect (^O^) )
  9. As soon as Vortimer's feet touched the ground, Apollo loosed his arrow. Before it could even reach it's target, he had whipped out a new arrow while simultaneously jumping back a few feet. "It's you who will need to exhibit more effort, Kamyn. We're just getting started." He addressed Vortimer in a sure but unconceited manner.
  10. Apollo couldn't conceal is excitement. A smile broke out on his face. He was witnessing his first teammate to truly show their power. [Alchemy, huh?] He pondered He continued to keep his arrow ready to fly, waiting for the right opportunity. [if I shoot now, it might be consumed in Varion's alchemic explosion] (Ok, Lame Post Is Lame Q_Q)
  11. Ok, That Sounds So Messed Up, But It's So True!! (*^@^*) I'm Sorry.. I Had To. ????
  12. Just Reread The Ending And Got So Many Feels So I Sketched This.. o(╯□╰)
  13. Apollo had his bow out and an arrow notched in a blink. [so soon thay appear?? Is this truly a Kamyn?? With only stories to go on, it's hard to imagine their appearance.. 'It' just looks like a man on the outside. But I'm not fooled.] He thought as he slowly pulled back the string. "You should know.. we will not be stopped." He gave Lance an almost uncatchable nod when his gaze passed over Apollo. [is she.. eating an apple?? When we're about to face a Kamyn.. *Sigh*] He had only now noticed Fairy munching away as one of the most powerful beings in existence threatened them.
  14. Thanks, Guys. It Was Just An Edit Though. P.S. Congrats, Black!!
  15. [Here It Goes, Father] Apollo Thought As He Stood In The Midst Of The People Who Would Join Him On The Journey To End All Journeys. The Journey That Would End Humanity, Or Save It. [An Archer, An Alchemist, And 2 Strange Girls.. Each Seems To Be Capable In Their Own Magic, However] He Swallowed, Not Wanting His Voice To Crack During His Introduction. (This Can't Only Happen To Me) "My Greetings, Fellow Teammates. I Am Apollo." He Said With A Slight Raise Of His Hand And A Small Grin.
  16. Dang, That Sounds Amazing. Too Bad I Missed It. ﹋o﹋
  17. For Real, Sora. Please Don't Drop Out. My Character Has No Offensive Magic Either.
  18. WHAT???? We're Finally Gonna RP All Together And Sikota Can't??!! Did He Do Something Or Are His Parents Being Rediculous?? P.S. Yuffie Is A Stalker.. -O-
  19. Name: Apollo Magic Ability: Eyes Of Heaven - His Eyes Grant Him A Complete Field Of Vision Around Himself, He Can Also See Far Away. They Make His Aim With The Bow And Arrow As Close To Perfect As A Human Can Come. Enhanced Speed In The Sense The That Time Almost Seems To Slow At Times. His Eyes Can Pierce Through Most Solid Objects. He Also Has Trajectory Interpretation, He Can See An Objects Trajectory Even A Little Before It's Started Moving. Backstory: Apollo Was Born Without Eyes. Desperate To Give His Son Vision, The Father Of Apollo Went To A Witch Peddler Who Was Selling "Magical Items". He Sold All His Earthly Possessions To Purchase "Magical Eyes" That The Peddler Claimed Were His Son's Only Hope At Seeing The World. The Peddler, However, Was A Fraud And Actually Had No Idea What She Actually Sold To People, Magical Or Otherwise. However, When The Father Inserted The Marble-Like Objects Into His Sons Eye Sockets, They Began To Glow And Became Apollo's Eyes. All These Years Later, Everything His Father Had Taught Him And Sacrificed For Him Caused Him To Answer The King's Call For Volunteers. Appearance: Tall, Blonde Hair, His Eyes Have Black Corneas With Very Light Blue, Glowing Irises And No Pupils. He Wears A Short-Sleeve, Hooded Grey Top With A Fitted Long-Sleeve, Charcoal Undershirt, Brown, Fingerless Gloves (Except The Middle, And Index Fingers On The Right Glove) That Are Connected To Arm Guards, And Fitted Black Leggings. He Also Wears Lightweight, Dark, Greyish/Brown Boots. He Has A Brown Quiver That Houses His Bow And Arrows. His Hood Usually Conceals His Face And A Blindfold Usually Conceals His Eyes. Role: Climber
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