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  1. not having epic fights...(3VS3 would be awesome) dull worlds or poor platforming(like in BBS) not being able to disable abilities(if im in the middle of a fight and i don't want to use flow-mo then let me do so) letting me get to a place i need to go super fast and letting me pass over many treasures and enemies in the proccess. abilities keep being usefull but not overriding future abilities...i want to fight using ALL the stuff i get in the way don't let me be OP if i don't deserve to be yet.
  2. oh that's right! i got pc, psp(need some time to find it cause it's technically my sister's), ps2, 3ds, s(a ds with the top part but i can always use an emulator for this), my smartphone(LG G2), and a gameboy sp.
  3. btw i don't have a ps3. ill play the kh2.5 on ps4's "playstation now" keep the suggestions coming please
  4. played all of the games except RE:coded which was hard and bad and CoM that i played several times with and without cheats but i didn't do riku's part(i just watched the cutscenes online) most of my playthroughs i played were easy or proud cause critical is annoying and normal doesn't help getting the secret ending. any suggestion on which game to play waiting for the new games/remaster? btw atm i watch noel's(skywardwing) LP of and i rememebered how much i hated the recon/spying missions...
  5. i choose herc's world cause i want a remake of both hydra and the ice titan
  6. i wrote that the secret boss are way tougher then end game bosses...there should be a difficulty curve...
  7. i asked cause today i thought about hidden mickeys and how they can be implemented in KH
  8. what do you think we will be able to collect in the new game?
  9. sweet...i got a psp+ios+PC so most of the games will be playable for me
  10. isn't 3 the 3d one?(playing on ds/ios)
  11. so is it "OK" if i play 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,watch wee187 LP's,14,crisis core,dissidia,15?
  12. i want to play all the games chronologically(story/release date) but i know some of the games have different names in different countries... also,are there any games that aren't very good that i can skip(like recoded in kh)???
  13. am I the only one who thought that the modeling of characters with real clothes seem very cool???
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