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  1. Alexei followed the other two, glad not to be leading the way. They certainly didn't need to waste time getting lost.
  2. "Depends on the angel," Alexei muttered. He then began walking back the way they had come. However he halted after a few feet and glanced back over at Daniel. "Someone else had better lead, in Tokyo the only place I can get anyone is lost."
  3. Alexei frowned, crossing his arms. He then nodded, what Naoko said made sense. "Yes, perhaps you're right," Alexei said. "Shall we head back to the school then?"
  4. (So sorry for my absence everyone, I've been really busy.) Upon hearing Naoko and Daniel calm down some, Alexei rounded the corner. "Hello Naoko. Are you alright?" Alexei asked. He frowned slightly, his eyebrows furrowing together as he glanced around. "Where's Terry?"
  5. Alexei put his bow over his shoulder and crossed his arms, frowning ever so slightly. He glanced over at Daniel curiously when he mentioned that he might have something. "You can smell her again?" Alexei asked, quickly following Daniel.
  6. Alexei had never considered himself paranoid, he just liked to be prepared. Especially because of all the demons roaming about. "Magic? For some reason I'm assuming that's not good," Alexei said. "So...where to now?"
  7. Alexei quickened his pace until he was walking alongside Daniel. He lifted his bow off of his shoulder and fiddled with it, keeping an eye on their surroundings. He could tell there was something setting Daniel on edge and figured it couldn't hurt to have his bow at the ready.
  8. "Why thank you very much Daniel," Alexei said, grinning teasingly. Flying was an ability Alexei had always wished that he could acquire, but alas he knew that he never would, but it still had been a fun and interesting experience. Crossing his arms, Alexei followed Daniel, his expression concerned. He only hoped that both Terry and Naoko would be able to take care of themselves, at least until they reached them.
  9. Alexei nodded agreeing. "All right. So long as you're relatively sure that you wont crash," Alexei told Daniel, smirking slightly.
  10. Alexei nodded. "That sounds like a plan to me," he said. "Perhaps you would like to accompany us Anka?"
  11. Alexei grinned. "Anytime," he told Daniel. He then nodded, glancing around briefly. "Yes, I am beginning to get worried about them as well. Where do you suppose we should start looking first?" he asked.
  12. Alexei followed Regal to the building the other Angel had fallen on top of. It took him a bit longer to reach the building than it had taken Daniel however, considering he couldn't fly nor float. Upon reaching the building where Anka was, Alexei lifted his bow upon seeing the Anka with hers out. He lowered it almost immediately however, sticking it back over his shoulder. He hoped she wouldn't try to shoot them if they weren't holding weapons."Hello, I'm Alexei," he greeted pleasantly. "Don't worry. As Daniel here says, we're working with Kruka and Regal. I'm assuming you are as well?" (I agree Sandra, it would be interesting to learn more of Terry's past.)
  13. Alexei nodded thoughtfully to Terry's question just as Daniel told her that she should. He smiled at Terry. "Be careful," he told her. His eyes widened as the ghost girl then disappeared before his very eyes, he got over his surprise almost immediately however, and glanced back down at Kruka. Getting to his feet Alexei turned to Daniel. "Well, shall we go see what Regal is up to?" he asked.
  14. Alexei watched Daniel lift the Succubi and take the body away, Alexei then walked over to where Terry was checking Kruka's pulse. He sighed and bent down on the other side of the angel, his expression still unhappy. He looked up at Terry and gave her a half smile, which perhaps looked something more like a grimace. "I understand that she was a demon but that was still uncalled for, especially since we had decided to let the Succubi live," Alexei said shaking his head irritably. "I'm sorry if it bothered you too much Miss Terry. It was certainly a terrible thing to see." He'd seen that Regal killing the demon had upset her (it had upset him too though perhaps not as much) and he felt rather bad.
  15. Alexei stared in shock as Regal killed the demon. He crossed his arms, his blue eyes cold. "I know she was a demon. But I still do not believe it is right to kill anything when they are begging to be allowed to live. It isn't right." Still appearing agitated, Alexei walked a short distance away where he stood, glaring at ground.
  16. Alexei listened to the conversation without saying a word. Finally he shrugged. "I have no Idea where we could keep the Succubi, though I still do not believe that we should kill her. It simply doesn't seem right to me."
  17. Alexei watched as Terry's expression turned dark and upset. Though he bit back a comment, he told himself that if she wanted to speak about it then she would. He turned his gaze to Daniel. "Well, it looks like the succubi gets to live."
  18. "I agree with Naoko," Alexei said, glancing around at all of his companions. "As much as I don't like demons, I don't think we should kill it."
  19. It took Alexei a couple of seconds to make sense of the Succubi's explanation, once he had he raised an eyebrow skeptically and glanced over at Kruka. "Well, what do you suppose we should do with it now?" Alexei asked.
  20. Alexei was about to shoot the succubi until Regal and then Daniel pinned it down. "Some information certainly couldn't hurt," Alexei said, lowering his bow slightly.
  21. "Is it all right with everyone if I shoot it?" Alexei asked, following every movement the succubi made with his bow.
  22. Alexei glanced up when Naoko mentioned the energy force, his eyes falling on the succubi. He grabbed his bow and held an arrow to it ready to shoot it at any time, he lowered it slightly after Daniel struck it. "Wonderful," Alexei said, irritation creeping into his tone. He was liking demons less and less as the time went by.
  23. Ugh too many. However, only Zack's, Xion's and Tidus's made me cry.
  24. "Rin, I really don't think we should stay here," Lily said, her voice shaking slightly. "Whatever that thing is it can't be nice." Lily glanced around uneasily, she too, heard the strange footsteps growing ever closer. "Let's just go," Lily said, her brown eyes scanning the surrounding buildings. "What about that way?" Lily asked, pointing down the street. "Because I'm not sure about you guys, but I don't want to see whoever or whatever those footsteps belong to." Lily's expression grew worried as she glanced back at the hotel, she could only hope that the rest of their friends were alright. Hopefully they were safer inside.
  25. No no no! Lily ran to the door and began pulling on the doorknob in desperation. Oh why had she ever agreed to come to this town! Lily nodded, she fully agreed with Rin, they needed to find somewhere safe. "Yes, come on!" Lily said. She turned in a circle, unsure where they could go that would be safe. If there was such a place now.
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