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  1. My god thr hiatus has been real! What has been? Half a year? Thats what it feels like... maybe even a year. Either way. Whats up!

    1. Joker


      Welcome back.

  2. You guys still accepting? My apologies if you stated this, i just skimmed through the first 3 pages.
  3. .......I want to recreate my Datascape RP.... But I don't know where to start...

    1. Veemon


      Maybe I could assist. Can you give me a quick rundown of the original RP's plot?

    2. Unto The abyss

      Unto The abyss

      Its in the roleplaying section... Ive done 2 of them so far. the first one lasted a while.


    3. Veemon


      Hmm... I see, *skims through 20+ pages just to find one*


      Oh, there it is. I checked the Beta RP thread for your 'Code' roleplay. It seems that you had some variety of characters to begin with. But for some reason, I couldn't tell where any of them started. You should have a set location named so even people who are just viewing the RP can understand where the story begins.

  4. Fire Emblem: Fates is coming to my location in a week..... Ive got it all preordered! Im SO Psyched! xD

  5. Help! Tamriel is taking me once again!!! Must resist urge to seek Elder Scrolls...... @_@ @U@ Hehehehhehehehe Ahahahahahahahahahhahaha *Draws blade and proceeds to swing it wildly towards random enemies*
  6. *walks back into the chatroom* Yo..... Its been a while. Hasn't it I suppose its only fitting that I grant you all a good evening (morning, afternoon). My lords and ladies, I hope you all are in good health. Now I would like to announce my return the this glorious website for I was shackled to the terrifying wastes of Fallout 4. *Bows*
  7. "I know that there are plenty of bug types around." He points to a tree being used as a nest by Metapods. He seemed rather uninterested in the metapods though. "Ive also heard of there being wild heracross around if you check the right places..." He sounded far more interested in the prospect of obtaining a Heracross than anything else.
  8. "It was indeed a good catch..." Adam looked at Chuck. "Another tally for the strangely colored pokemon you hold." He said with his hands in his pockets. He continued to walk along the path. "The more variety you have the better chance you have to beat the gym leaders." His eyes scan over his companions. They hadnt any clue of his recent captures. So far so good.
  9. Adam nodded and looked towards Kor. "Agreed... It would be wise to head up that route."
  10. Adam quietly nodded revealing the contents to the others. "For the road ahead" he said to the group. His voice, void of almost all emotion, as usual. However he seemed eager to journey onward. His want to move ahead made his excitement for his journey clear.
  11. Adam eventually arrived in Cherry Grove City and went straight to the pokemon center. Upon arrival he walked up to the front desk "Welcome to the Pokemon Center, how may I help you?" asked the woman behind the desk. Adam quietly placed the 3 poke balls on the counter. "I would like to have my pokemon healed, please." he said quietly. "Certainly, It will only take a moment." replied the nurse as she took the poke balls and placed them in the machine. A few minutes past before she returned to the desk and placed the poke balls on the counter in-front of Adam. "Here you are. I hope you have a nice day" Adam only nodded as he placed the poke balls on his belt and left. He went into the pokemart where he bought some potions and antidotes. He also found some pokemon food but decided against it after reading the ingredients. "Only the best of natural foods for my pokemon." He muttered before leaving. He walked around the city and found a grocery store (because I assume we aren't following the games layout of things, are we?). At the store he bought some dried meat, Water, and some seasonings as well as a few berries for the road. "Natures Sugars....." He smiled as he looked at the berries he bought. It was later in the day before he returned to the pokemon center.
  12. Adam looked at Kor. "Lets hope you don't have to." He proceeded to walk ahead of the group. "I'll meet you guys there, You should probably wait for James to get ready so Ill see what I can find. We should meet at the Pokemon Center in two hours." He said to the others as he walked
  13. "The possibility of finding one was low..." said Adam as he walked up to his tent and began to take it down after rolling up his mat and strapping them both to his backpack. He held six poke balls on his belt and four more on his back pack straps. He was ready to catch more pokemon. "I haven't any food so we will have to pick up a meal in Cherry Grove City. I hope you three can hold your stomachs till then." Adam said to the three his voice still rather dulled out. He didn't act excited but that was because he still was holding out on the information of his team of three. This was because Adam didn't feel like coming out and telling those who would eventually become his opponents. He will hide the information as long as he could. (So basically until the gym or until one of them figure it out.)
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