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  1. Thanks, I really hope I get to start this.
  2. Light fades while darkness reins, in between is where we reside.

  3. Is this a continuation of another RP? If so can I still join anyway?
  4. I was wanting to see if some people would want to start a Pokemon RP that would work with a dice rolling system. I would be the DM and all I would need is 3 players Not including myself), No more no less. The story would take place in Kanto and basically follow red/blue (fire red, leaf green) events. But it will be different; the player will have more choices and alternative routes available. I will be constructing a map for dungeons that will be available in some shops. Which may result in a blind walk through your first time thru or maybe you can be prepared. I want player's who are creative and can come up with some clever ideas for what their character may do. If you want to know more just ask.
  5. I guess they can but I would have to throw in the vital festival which seems sort of like I'm coping it but it would be interesting with a tournament. Yes that's perfectly fine. Additionally, since it seems nobody wants to sign up I think we could each add some people or even If you want to just create a whole team of your own It's up to you guys I just want this to be enjoyable for everyone so please give your opinions. Accepted
  6. I just want to say that i have added something to the main post for this thread. The story starts when everyone is first arriving at Beacon.
  7. RWBY Dusk The World of Remnant has been in peace for several years and life was good. Huntsmen and Huntresses trained and defended lives from Grimm, but a new force of darkness strikes fear into people and Remnant grows dark. Dive into the World of Remnant and face against Grimm and the forces of evil as a Huntsman or Huntress. Start your main character as a student and face your fate. The story will start as your characters are first arriving at Beacon Academy. Rules: 1. No god-modding/ OP 2. No controlling others characters. 3. Don't spam the page. 4. Be detailed and creative. 5. Name your favorite RWBY character at the top of your template. 6. You are allowed 3 characters. Template- Name: (First, Last) Age: (17 for new students) Gender: (male/female) Weapon: (name; details) Semblance: (power/ability) Color Theme: (1-2) Appearance: (Detailed as possible) Personality: (Detailed as possible) Bio: (Character's background) Battle Theme: Favorite Character: Example Template- Ruby Name: Ruby Rose Age: 15 Gender: Female Weapon: Crescent Rose; Scythe, Rifle Semblance: Speed Color Theme: Red and Black Appearance: Wears a black skirt with red trim, black combat boots, and red scarf. Medium length black hair with a hint of red highlights. Silver eyes and pale skin. Personality: Upbeat and playful but a bit naive, serious if the situation calls for it. Bio: Ruby grew up in Vale with her sister Yang Xiao Long and their father Tai-Yang Xiao Long. Ruby's mother, Summer Rose passed away when Ruby was younger. Ruby attended Signal Academy and was trained by her uncle Qrow. Battle Theme: Red like Roses Favorite Character: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also, I will be putting people in my own teams. Any requests must be made if you wish to team up with someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accepted Character/Players:
  8. I'm back!! Got a laptop again and I am ready to get started!!!

  9. I am SO!!!! Sorry guys! I really wanted to start this back up but things got busy and it's been inconvenient to get on here. But now i should be okay to finally get on here and do this sh1t! If you guys dont want to that's fine but since this is so old i will make a new Sign Up thread so keep your eye open for that. See you soon hopefully
  10. stating your seniority as the creator the way you did makes me not want to take part of your RP. I'm afraid your gonna be power hungry and I also have a feeling you won't allow allowances to players so they have some freedom to mold the RP. It's not going to be perfectly the way you want it but I digress.
  11. Well I feel like it should just all be new worlds. You could even do some sort of poll.
  12. Are you going to be involving new worlds or parallel universe theory the old ones?
  13. This was actually an old RP but it died out and I'm trying to start it back up.
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