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  1. So around how many more do we need to get this started?
  2. I'm BACK

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Your avatar is Lancer!

      I finally know what he's from!

  3. Name: Ray Zestal Age 19 years old Appearance: http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/e02a0b29a6527bc3327806238160aa47/http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v215/Askari1/AnimeGuy7edit.jpg Gundam(If you need a design, just Google Gundam Suits and choose one you like): Force Impulse Gundam http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_rTyGN8tHb28/SJKEXXA3gKI/AAAAAAAAABs/ix-KhkVP0so/s1600-h/Force+Impulse+Gundam.jpg Biography(Opt): Land of Origin NC Gender: Male Optional theme('s): Go Gundam or Go Home.
  4. Sara: "Well if you two dogs can stop drooling over her, I'll be going"
  5. Aron: "James...ah James, yes he was quite a sneaky one, could always hide when he wanted. Yes I remember him from training. What is he to you?" Sara: "Going back to camp I see...even with that Callis?"
  6. Aron Aron smirked. "I have no intention of this getting out of hand, please, have a seat and make yourself comfortable, I'll make some more tea, you do like tea right? I mean even you need to relax. So lets talk secret ruler" Sara Finally making her presence known, "I've been listening in on this conversation of yours, and it dawned on me, aren't you two boys too old to be going for such a young girl?" eyeing the two boys, one golden armored "Ekindu was it?, and James?, and I presume the very young girl is Demena, am I wrong?"
  7. Aron The laugh snapping him back to reality, looking to the right to see a young female standing with a smile on her face. Still sitting in his chair relaxed, "Really?, and just how exactly are you going to do that?" Sara Standing over to the left with her sword hung at her side and her spear glinting in the fire. Overhearing the three best friends talking about their goals, "Oh that's cute"
  8. (Sorry guys I---kinda forgot to post, but I skimmed through and I think I get the general idea what's going on, somehow include Aron in your plans because I don't really have a proper place to start) Aron Sitting in the library, his two blades hung against the wall below the window panes, looks irritated, takes a sip of tea, takes a deep breath---sighs loudly---"man this world is sooo boring!", slumps back into his chair with his head back.
  9. Daichie: Behind bars-"hey let me out!---jeez how did I end up here?" Thinking back--- Stumbling out of the portal "how in the wor-" notices a large crowd of enforcers staring at him. "This is not what it looks like" all of them summon their keyboard "guys really this is n--" Present *and after that nothing, must've passed out* hears footsteps New person : "So you're the rebel" Daichie: "what do you want" New person: "oh nothing I just want your memories"
  10. Daichie: *what is he doing?* Daichie threw his short spear at a frightening speed towards Horizon keeping his charge Shougo: "well well well isn't this interesting, well we were given orders to capture them" Using time splicer he stopped time and reappeared next to the thrown spear, took it, reappeared next to Daichie and threw him in a portal leading to their base. Then time started moving again "well that's one down, I've done my part"
  11. Daichie: Looking past the barrier he saw a girl get struck down by a man *Lyon was it?---remembers his mom* Enraged he went trough the barrier using his long spear and started to charge towards the man "I WON'T LET YOU KILL ANOTHER REBEL!!!" Shougo: With a satisfied look he goes through the portal to see three rebels that were clearly outnumbered, one already down, *wait those two took down all the enforcers we had posted here?!* Upon closer examination he sees that the man he encountered at Traverse Town is headed straight for Horizon, and the one clouded in darkness is engaging Lyon.
  12. Daichie avoids the attack, readies himself for another but sees her go after Ren. *Did she just ignore me?!...that woman* Seeing the opening, Daichie lunged to her and thrusted with the short spear to her body.
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