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  1. Murray Christmas yalll. I can finally go back on the internet cause I saw starwars. 'Sgood.

  2. Wow, that new Jontron about food games ended...wierd. Still a great episode though.

  3. I recently knocked Frozen off my list of movies I need to watch in case they're on KH3. It was.. Pretty good. But the whole time I wanted Anna to get fire magic for some reason, haha. I was like "Do it! Cast Firaga on that ice monster! Do it!"

  4. JBone


    I hope so! It's on my list of movies I need to watch in case it's in KH3.
  5. To the people that say Marvels to violent: What if they use 1970's era Spiderman? The one from the cartoons. He'd never hurt a fly. He'd make a fully functional motor boat out of webs and save a kid named Billy from the conquistador. True story. And for Star Wars I just want a Darth Vader secret/optional fight. Like with Sephiroth. And you should get a sweet lightsaber themed keyblade for beating him.
  6. Making the game not as full as it could be so they can make you buy a season pass for dlc that you should have gotten anyway... But that won't happen... Right? :S
  7. Well the first KH tried it to be cool and different from Final Fantasy. But I guess they decided people like lvl 99 because that's the max level in FF. (The ones I've played at least) ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Anyone ever play Star Fox Command? I got the best ending ever: Falco quits StarFox then he, Kat and this monkey guy whos name I forget form.. Star Falco. 20/20

    1. JBone


      Game of the year.

  9. I got my PS4. But they won't give me my free trial of plus. Because I don't have enoigh money ...didn't think I'd need to put money on my credit card for my "FREE" TRI

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    2. Kingdomhe


      lol "welcome to earth"

    3. PrinceNoctis


      Why do we even need to pay? Its all dumb if you ask me.

    4. JBone


      Yeah, very dumb. It says "free trial" but just takes you to the shop. And asks you how much you want pay. :/

  10. I just got back from pre-ordering my battlefront bundle PS4. Comes out tuesday. ;)

  11. I remember that. But it always seemed unattainable if you weren't into programing. Well if they add Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin, Smash would COMPLETELY replace it, haha.
  12. If were're talking Kingdom Hearts, yes. Any other game, no, I wait until my one friend bugs me about watching the trailer.
  13. Hulk? You get seven candies. Darth Vader and pikachu? Twelve each. Big kid no costume? I got gum or gross trail mix bars for you

  14. Simple: I have loved Crossovers since Flinstones meet the Jetsons. (Obligatory "I feel old" comment.)
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