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  1. I was just a kid and visiting my cousin and seen him play kingdom hearts (didn't know what that game was at a moment). I saw Donald duck, Goofy and some unknown kid with key like weapon (sora and keyblade) in some kind of beautiful place (hallow bastion). I asked what is that game and he said it's kingdom hearts. i watch him play it and fight some kind of dark creatures (heartless). I asked can I borrow the game and he said no, but he let me borrow Kingdom hearts 2. I was so hook on the game that I played it at night without sounds on to not alert my parents that I was playing something. I was doing great even if I didn't understand English at a moment and got up to second Demyx fight and got stuck there for sometimes. I don't remember if I got past him days later or when I got the game on Christmas. this is my fondest memory of Kingdom Hearts.
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