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  1. Anyone else disappointed with other fan sites in general? This seems like the only user friendly site I've found for fan content. I'm on a Digimon Fan site and it's almost ruled with an iron fist.

    1. Merilly


      That depends on the focus of the fan site I guess? I feel like extremely big communities are handled rather strictly in comparison to smaller ones but if it's a news and offcial content oriented site, I guess that fanwork wouldn't be too appreciated.

    2. BlankShell


      Talking about WtW? =P


      A huge part of it is that most people who run these fan sites do so on their own time and their own dime. So only the really passionate people are running sites, and that can manifest itself in different ways.

    3. HeroTheKeeper


      Meh. I just feel like I'm more restricted on WtW than on here. It doesn't feel as fan-focused as I personally would like it. Not that they should cater to me. It's just a little tightening on how they act.

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