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  1. 2878. Yaaay~ ! I like it ! ♥ nyahaha ....so we are... TeeTee and Blue !!!
  2. 2876. Of course we are Darling~ we're shining stars and couple of the year~~ Hohohohohoh~~ ....... or.... are we a summon spirit ?!
  3. 2866. Gosh.. let this psycho geezer where he is (wherever he could be ) ... there're enough psycho like that darling.. PS : if you wanna snow and ice call Elsa nyahaha Some things.... are better left...forgotten O.O ! (like him )
  4. 2844. All hail to the boss !!! Hip hip hip !! ..... *run to the chat*
  5. 2842. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !! Not this one !!!!!! I don' want I don't want him to be here goodness ! Plus Bhunivelze alone is enough ugly like that.. but gosh... then..if it happens... I want to play as Lightning, not Sora ! .... Sora can help tho
  6. 2840. Oh gosh Oh gosh xD !! You want to give some difficulties to Sora I see nyahahah ... well... it's true he seems a little overpowered in the trailer . But Predanort ... that's sounds coool~~ yeah or even better ! : A mutant of the 3, a threesome vilain : Aliedanort.. Prelienanort ...
  7. 2838. Hmmmm no my love, I don't think so ^^ this one well.. it's the one that uuh..have acid blood and hmm can run reaaaaaaally fast and pass almost everywhere too but gosh fortunatly it can't become invisible .... but maybe almost invincible . Y'know Y'know, the one Alien VS Predator we spoke about , you remember ? (the predators tho can become invisible yes ^^hehe)
  8. 2836. And I just noticed that I did the same mistake I copied your number for the 2833 except of the 2834 too Darling ! oh gosh oh gosh Well.. I wasn't thinking about spoke (plus spoke have hair... it's no good ) but more about THIS..Alien... http://www.journaldugeek.com/files/2014/01/alien___h_r__giger_bar_usa.jpg (gosh I hate those 'beasts' brrrrr)
  9. 2834. Actually y'know... with the luck he has.. I won't be surprised about that but gosh.. don't make a mutation of Xehanort and Alien (even if they have kinda the same kind of "head" ) I think it would be a pain to defeat
  10. 2832. Frying pan Keyblade... ♥o♥ ... soooooo coooooooooooooooooooool~~~~~ !!! I'm for it, totally for ite mnyahahahah *0* That will be my ultimate keyblade for all the game, and I'll kick MX ass with a burning Keypan !! Yaaaaay Making him fly into the stars... (like a bullet yeah ) and fush... into the sun..perfect
  11. 2830. I would even say there's a bunch of all games that waits to be done here gosh... we have for years of occupation ahead of us But me toooo I wanna I wanna~~ !! I wanna see rapunzel world too hehe
  12. 2801. if I have the part with the pink and red color, I accept gladly some cake *.* ... Gosh... you really want this cake so bad.. you'll dream of it this night !
  13. 2795. AROSEI always here !! Where there's Aros there's Sei and vice versa even if I'm not talking I'm here with him mwhahaha *0* !
  14. Uova di Pasqua~ .... <- first word coming into my mind... *want chocolato* and it's good to see ya anew Moonie ^^ ! (even if even us don't coming really often here now )
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