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  1. Yo Aros! Long time no see!

  2. Merry Christmas Aros!

  3. i didn't know happy birthday, Yuya!
  4. so i'm not the only one that was thinking that that excuse wasn't fitting well since even Yuffie in the first game cleary explained to Sora "the keyblade can open every door" or something like that they could just say instead: "there's nothing interesting here" like they said for other places
  5. I'm italian and Sei is french so we can help with these 2 languages. But we both think that there's no really news in our languages..... if not after days/weeks from when is come out in english... By the way, if we can help, you can contact us here on the forum.
  6. 2877. we're summon spirits that fight together like aska and luna
  7. 2875. you get the last number wrong dude by the way you call? (first weed, now you.... seems we're really summons me and Sei )
  8. 2865. meat it's always good..... in case it's too much hot after we can call the psycho grampa vexen/even to get a little of cold
  9. 2862. yo, buddy! axel/lea is pissed off or he's just doing a barbecue?
  10. 2858. here, the day before yesterday, we open the door..... to return back at home from a little vacation, dunno if it count as DTL or DTD
  11. what is this news, dude? i miss something? are you follow my example? from Sei: I hope it will become as wonderful as our ship did yup, i know weed, you're right in this...
  12. 2841. oh gosh this is a big mutant... or another can be.... bhunivelzanort
  13. 2839. oh, ok.... then i confuse it with the predator even this one could be a good match a predanort instead of alienort cause mysterious figure aka young xehanort it can become invisible
  14. 2837. oh gosh that is gonna be an hard fight but it was the alien that can become invisible, right?
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