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  1. It seems legit. The article has a source. http://bbs1.ruliweb.daum.net/gaia/do/ruliweb/default/news/547/read?articleId=1388&bbsId=G007&pageIndex=1 It is written in Korean. It says t Halloween town won't appear in kh3 ,because they have done almost everything in kh1&2. I don't know whether The pride lands will appear or not though.
  2. Ya,maybe.However I think they should get the worlds involved with the overall plot within 1 visit.Kh1 and Bbs did this very well.They mixed the disney story and the main kh plot really good.Kh2 didn't succeed with this though. They completely separated the disney story and the main kh plot.(except for beast castle or space paranoids)I prefer the kh1 and Bbs style, where there was only one visit ,but they combined very well the movie plot and kh overall plot.
  3. I don't want revisiting. In kh2, each story(the first visit and second visit) was short and kinda bland. 1 visit with a longer and more intensive story and exploration is better like in kh1 or khBbs
  4. Some speculation on Disney worlds in kh3 Returning Worlds Hercules(confirmed at E3) Pirates of the Caribbean(There are sequels like Dead Man's Chest or World's End that could work perfectly in kh3) Lilo and Stitch(Maybe Hawaii this time? Nomura said that returning worlds will show us new locations in kh3. This movie fits perfectly to this condition) New Worlds Tangled(confirmed at E3) Wreck it Ralph(It would be a very unique world. it could work as a minigame world too) Jungle Book(Square Enix intended to include it in Bbs though they couldn't for several reasons. I think it's one of the few classic famous movies that hasn't appeared in the series.) Frozen(I'm not really a big fan of this movie but considering the fact that there were no fully snow based worlds so far in the series, its new environment would be great to add) Toy Story(It's time for some pixar worlds. This world was going to be included in kh1 but got removed for unknown reasons. Sora Donald and Goofie becoming a toy and exploring throughout the house would be amazing.) The emperor's new groove(Izma is the perfect villain for kh) Treasure Planet(Roy Conley is the producer of this movie so the probability is high) Epic MIckey(Maybe as a surprise world like Port Royal or Space Paranoids in kh2? It would be very interesting to visit a game based world. Oswald as a party member to explore Wasteland.)
  5. I think Port Royal has a great chance of returning. Also Lilo&Stitch could return.
  6. Ok,the worlds I think will be added are Jungle Book(This movie was intended to be included in Bbs) Wreck it Ralph(because it'd be a world totally different from the others) Frozen(full-iced world!) Lilo&Stitch(Hawaii has never appeared in the series) Pocahontas(popular and famous classic movie that hasn't be used yet) The emperor's new groove(beautiful landscape) Atlantis(a sea world.it's epic and I love it) The princess and the frog(I really liked the movie. Dr.Facillier would be a perfect villain) Treasure Planet(Roy Conly is the producer of this film) I picked up the newer Disney films because Nomura said they're gonna add more modern worlds than classic worlds in an interview
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