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  1. Welcome to this great site! :)

  2. Hey, thanks for the add :D And welcome to KH13!

  3. Am I Sora or Roxas.. Or this weeb named Ventus?

  4. Thank you to all who responded! This definitely insured me how nice everyone on this site is!
  5. Hey guys. Not like this is important, but Ive been playing Kingdom Hearts since the first one came out. And I'm not sure why I'm just making an account. But anyways. To the actual topic. Recently I was in my local Best Buy store, and I came across this. I did notice how the release date said 12/31/15. And to be honest, I think it's there just because they needed to put some kind of date on the software. But I still think it should be a part of a discussion, because I know I have heard of other people coming about similar things.
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