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  1. This is probably a dumb question, but are you allowed to post art that's not related to Kingdom Hearts here? xD

    1. KairiKeybasH


      Yes. I don´t see any problem with it.

    2. Sendou Aichi

      Sendou Aichi

      "all Kingdom Hearts related or otherwise"

      So yes.

    3. Karasu3
  2. As long as there is a 2017 at the end of the KHIII trailer, i'm all good. By then, it'll be so close to 2.8 releasing that I don't even see the need for another trailer for it. Honestly, I don't know how they could top the TGS one anyway.
  3. So, I started a "road to 2.8" thing where I play through all the games in the series up until 2.8 releases. However, now that it has been pushed back a month, I have to figure out some way to stretch it out a little bit longer xD

    1. Karasu3


      I think what i'm gonna do is finish up 1.5 and then take a break over October and do 2.5 over November and December.

    2. WakingDawn96


      Yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me. Are you going to 100% the games?

    3. Karasu3


      Yeah, 100% KH1 a few days ago, and I'm now on Re:COM.

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  4. BBSFM was my favorite in the series for a good amount of time, but I'd have to say that DDD is my favorite now.
  5. Would there be a copyright issue if I wanted to use one of the screenshots from the 2.8 trailer as my facebook banner?

    1. Hero of Light XIV

      Hero of Light XIV

      Considering the fact that it's a publicly released trailer, no, I don't think that will be a problem. I've used trailer images for my Facebook dozens of times and nothing has happened.

    2. KairiKeybasH


      Same here i have never got into trouble.

    3. Karasu3


      All right. I have used the box art for games before, but never a screenshot from actually in game, so I wasn't sure. Thanks guys!

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  6. I do see your points, as I said, it was only an idea that sparked in my head. However, I don't know how I feel about Xehanort and Luxu having a connection because (going off of the vibes of the trailer), it appears that Luxu doesn't want to do what he has to do, and is more concerned about the fates of the foretellers. That doesn't sound like something Xehanort would ever do, and therefore I could not see Luxu even being so much as his master. And who's to say that Luxu does not change his mind down the road somewhere about how he feels about the war and "predestined" events. We don't exactly know yet what happened for sure during that time. But it could really go either way. I like your thoughts, but anything can still happen.
  7. So, I was re-watching the latest 2.8 trailer, and one thing caught my attention most out of the entire video: Luxu's voice. As soon as I heard it, I immediately knew I had heard it before, but it took me a few moments to figure it out. Now, it could always be just a huge coincidence, but my mind went to Young Eraqus in the KH3 E3 2015 trailer. So, I searched up the trailer and watched it, listening carefully. I replayed both clips from 2.8 and III and have come to the decision that the voices sound identical. So, as I said, it could all be just a coincidence, but here me out on what I have started to piece together. So, when I came to the conclusion that the two voices were the same, I started to think about the conversation Eraqus and Xehanort have while they play chess: Xehanort: "Have you heard of the ancient Keyblade War?" Eraqus: "Yeah, the MASTERS favorite story." (Now, he could be talking about his current master, but I feel like there was a deeper meaning behind him saying that). Xehanort: "So...you KNOW the Lost Masters? They're the one's who started the Keyblade War." (It almost seems like Xehanort is trying to get Eraqus to slip up and admit a potential truth. Assuming my theory would be correct). Eraqus: "Never heard of 'em." (It sounds like Eraqus is trying to play it off here, but you can tell right away that he is lying). Xehanort: "You can drop the FACADE." (It's clear that Xehanort knows something through this statement). Now, of course, Eraqus and Xehanort could have learned about the Keyblade War and the Lost Masters through there master and through ancient texts and such, but I have to wonder: Was Eraqus actually there? The voice similarity aside, it makes sense to me how he could be Luxu for this reason: Eraqus was always very adamant about making sure that darkness was completely obliterated. Now, what could have made him feel so strongly about darkness and what it does to people's hearts? Could he have seen something drastic happen in his past? Could he have witnessed the Keyblade War and what darkness did to the hearts of the people of Daybreak Town? He says at the end of the KHIII trailer (to Xehanort): "Who's to say I can't change it? And maybe light will prevail. There is more to light than meets the eye. You might be surprised." Now, why would he say something like that? How would he know so much about light? Could he have seen Kingdom Hearts emerging at the Keyblade Graveyard? Could it have been a moment like when Sora experiences the light of Kingdom Hearts at the end of the first game? And to add on top of that, Luxu (despite not becoming a foreteller), is probably a Keyblade Master. He has been seen with the Keyblade that Xehanort will one day possess. How did it get to where Eraqus and Xehanort are? Could it have been their masters? Or did Eraqus bring it into the future with him after he inherited it from his true Master? Luxu said that his job was to watch the events of the war unfold and then traverse into the future. So, could he have acquired a new identity and taken up a new apprenticeship in that future? Anyhow, i'm still brewing over my thoughts and ideas, so this is in no way a complete theory, but I thought I would toss it out there anyway. What are your guys' thoughts about this possibility? Edit: Another thing I have noticed is that the zipper on Luxu's coat has the same symbol that is seen on Eraqus's armor (As well as Aqua/Terra/Ven's).
  8. I have a theory that Luxu is Eraqus. I could always be wrong, but I feel it!

    1. KairiKeybasH


      I have that same theory. His voice sounds so like Young Eraqus.

    2. Karasu3


      I know! And it was like, suddenly everything that they said in the trailer just clicked. It's too perfect xD

    3. KairiKeybasH
  9. I just listened to Luxu's voice a few times and it finally hit me why it sounded so familiar. I could always be wrong, but it bears a very strong resemblance to Young Eraqus's voice in the KH3 trailer from E3 2015. I played both clips and compared and I feel strongly that there might be a connection. It got me thinking about that whole exchange between Eraqus and Xehanort and it started to make sense. Xehanort: "Have you heard of the ancient Keyblade War?" Eraqus: "Yeah, the MASTERS favorite story." Xehanort: "So...you KNOW the Lost Masters? They're the one's who started the Keyblade War." Eraqus: "Never heard of 'em." (It sounds like Eraqus is trying to play it off here). Xehanort: "You can drop the FACADE." (It sounds like Xehanort knows something is up, and he is phishing for info). It's just something i'm currently brainstorming at the moment, but I thought it was an interesting idea.
  10. Honestly, I was pretty upset this morning at the delay, but now, I feel just fine with it. It gives me time to 100% all the previous games again first.

    1. Kingdomhe


      When you look at FF15's delay it's not bad at all and it's only being delayed because of 15 and not because of any issues.

    2. Karasu3


      Yeah, and that's always good. I've just kinda went ahead and pretended like December's release was never even a thing now. By the time December even gets here, the wait will almost be over and it will feel like the past couple of months flew by anyway.

  11. My heart hurt a little when Aqua approached Ven in the casket!

  12. I kinda feel numb about it right now. I'm trying not to be salty, but honestly, I don't have anything to look forward to over the holidays now. And the game releases the very same week my classes will resume after the break, so I'll have less time to enjoy it.
  13. I know it's a pipe dream, but I really wish they'd be like "Hey! Here's the new trailer! Oh, and by the way, we're releasing the demo for you guys as well!"
  14. Had a technical difficulty there for a moment. The picture is up now.
  15. So, this was from friday apparently, but I found this on my facebook feed a few minutes ago. (If this has already been posted, sorry!) This cracked me up so much I just had to share. EDIT: Not from friday. Apparently it was today, but my mobile app said "Friday."
  16. Unfortunately, I have to be up by 6AM for class. So, since it releases at 4AM, I'll watch it before I leave.
  17. I mean, it's always possible. It would be pretty dang awesome if we got even the smallest bit of a clip at the end of the trailer or something, but I would be extremely surprised if KHIII showed up in any way, shape or form until winter.
  18. Bae AF, lol jk. Thanks dude! I posted the finished version to the gallery.
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