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  1. Name: Jo ID Number: 40564 What level are you? 22 Why did you join the Anguis union? Cause snakes are smart and cunning and i dig that. The foreteller looks really cool and also Aqua is one of my favourite characters. Are you a member of a party? Yes! I started one not long ago. We're called the Daybreak Cobras if you're looking for one! What is your favorite medal? Oh I dont know... Probably either my 4 star Tinkerbell or my 3 star Rikku. meh.
  2. But still, she doesn't even look like a combination of Sora and Kairi. Her appearance is totally random, and I don't think Nomura would do something like that. And yeah, I know about Roxas, I just mentioned it because it was what popped in my mind as a contradiction to what I'm saying.
  3. It was SO cool, but I'm not too happy about it being an action rpg, I mean, it worked well in Crisis Core, but I'm not so sure about how that will work with multiple characters.
  4. hello darkness, my old friend

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