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  1. The deepest state of slumber is the same thing my dude... If Terra's body didn't already have Xehanort in it would be the exact same situation. Xehanort tells Terra in BBS his heart will sleep "IN THE DEEPEST ABYSS" and in DDD he tells Sora "Your heart will be trapped in the DEEPEST FOLDS OF DARKNESS and you will be trapped in slumber" falling asleep is the side effect of being in the darkness. That's why Ven's heart comforts Sora's. Do to it's purity it was unaffected. Moving on at this point SoraIam1s theory is fact until X gives us reason to deny it's not some call out on random events it's supported immeasurably and still fits in Nomura's statement. Their impact could be many things. The sending their wills to our current generation of heroes, maybe they'll play into Xehanorts death, etc. the amount of possibilities with the lure provided in Chi - 3 is high as heck!
  2. No you miss interpreted my point I'm not talking about the "Key To Return Hearts". Which is obviously the keyblade Ansem used in KH1 when you connect the dots. I meant "You're implying Mickey and Riku are searching for Masters older than Xehanort, Yen Sid, and Eraqus?" Highly unlikely when their time is called the "fairytale era" even in Eraqus time the foretellers were already just a fairytale. Lol and your lack of knowledge on KH3 CONFIRMED news is showing! We know for a fact "the game will open with Xehanort and Eraqus"- Nomura, A Fragmentary Passage "is pulled from the beginning of KH3"- Nomura, Logically if 0.2 is pulled from the beginning the Master Defender will reach destiny islands in the beginning (It could very well be what triggers Yen Sid's state of urgency to summon Ven, Terra, and Aqua). Makes sense if she puts the key in the water and it floats to Destiny Island. Do to the relativity of RoD-RoL it would also make sense it hasn't reached Destiny Island, till after DDD! KH3 synopsis says when we pick up Sora in KH3 in Q1-Q2 he will become a master which is obviously when his clothes will change! Need anything else for proof my dude? And SoraIam1 proved the foretellers make some of the 13 seekers look up his video on Chi he proves Young Xehanort is screwing with the book to share his heart with them which fits with his. "Thanks to you and Sora we learned that not all our original members fit the quota, however, we've managed to MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE." Now about confirming if Riku will save Aqua and Terra. Read closely: Terra is in the same folds of darkness Sora was in and Aqua is deep in the Realm Of Darkness where Riku has been before.
  3. So they're searching for Keys that are older than Yen Sid, Xehanort, and Eraqus? You've severely mistaken my man in Xehanort and Eraqus's generation the Foretellers were already a Fairy Tale. Why would they be searching for them? We already have a nickname for them "Lost Masters" why not just call them that if that's what it means? As we know Mickey discusses meeting Aqua with Riku and Kiari and I'm pretty sure that's the beginning seeing as -A Fragmentary Passage- is told in past tense (post BBS-COM) So why would Yen Sid ask Sora to go look for them when Riku is already on the way? Also, Terra will not be saved by Sora. That's for sure. Terra is in the same place that Sora was in DDD's ending and we all saw how that works out for him. Now Ventus and his heart may mean he'll be saved by Sora. But Aqua and Terra are definitely being saved by Riku. As we know quarter 1 of KH3 is about (Xehanort and Eraqus, Then it would've been -A Fragmentary Passage-, The Master Defender finding, Then Riku and Mickey obviously leaves on their journey) Then some time between quarter 1-2 Sora will return and be named a Master *CONFIRMED*) Also, pre-alphas for KH games have stayed true to their games plots. KH2's Sora chasing Xemnas in hollow bastion, DDD the return of Ansem and Xemnas. It's not like the 2013 trailer was Pre-Alpha to a new I.P DDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc8mka8ZBtk 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbEvmJmw7fI
  4. But that "alpha" is still story related the GAMEPLAY is CGI. "Sora, Donald and Goofy will attempt to search for *seven guardians* of light and the "Key to Return Hearts", while King Mickey and Riku search for *previous Keyblade wielders*, in an attempt to stop Master Xehanort's plan" It means the same thing! What other previous wielders are they looking for? I leave that hole on your shoulders.
  5. No. It actually doesn't and if that's the case why does the synopsis say "Mickey and Riku are going to find Ven, Terra, and Aqua"? In DDD Riku acquired the ability to save people from their darkness. That's what Yen Sid spoke of and as we know the previous trio are "trapped in darkness and stuck in slumber". Now let's talk about your interpretation of the theory. This does not ruin Sora's character it's making a prediction of what his true place in the story is. Why do you think a Keyblade he isn't meant to have is following him or why Master Defender is on Destiny Islands when there's one Master there? Riku may be like Annakin he lost his way before but in 3 he may fulfill his destiny. What's the point of immunity if it won't be utilized for important portions of the story? Now I accept what Summy says "This would kind of switch up the story itself and Nomura probably couldn't do it properly." But I fall back on Xehanort's words "Darkness prevail" and y'all aren't realizing that Xehanort can destroy worlds with ease meaning the 7 guardians will be trapped in the folds of Darkness the same place Sora couldn't survive in. But I accept I could be reading Riku's portions of the story wrong as well so maybe he is just meant to fight alongside Sora like Sasuke-Naruto which Summy proposed. But either way his build up can't be denied because you like Sora more. DDD put him in his place and made him out to be someone who can't do anything without his connections and in 3 he will lose those connections except the ones in his heart. Why do you think there's countless theories on Sora losing his key? Namine didn't say anything about him fighting Xehanort and what Mickey says in his letter helps my theory let's quote the letter: "I wanted to tell you right away, About memories from the past that sleep within you, And about the pieces that will tie you to your future. Sora, Riku, Kairi, the truth behind the Keyblade,(Which Sora isn't connected to as of DDD) has found its way through so many people, and now I know that it rests in your hearts. Sora, you are who you are because of those people, but they're hurting, (I never denied he had these connections but that doesn't change the fact he shouldn't have them at all.) and you're the only one who can end their sadness (Once again the KH3 synopsis exposes that Riku is going to save them). They need you. It's possible that all your journeys so far, have been preparing you for this great new task that's waiting for you. (This sums up Namine's message to digital Sora and Mickey and as she said "what's inside his heart will break him." Which is what this letter is about.) I should have known there were no coincidences, only links in a much larger chain of events. (Refer to Sora's discussion with Braig in DDD) And now the door to your next journey is ready to be opened." (And after DDD we learn this isn't his Journey just one he walks because of those he's tied to meaning he's infringing on Destiny)" Now if I propose "he's a guardian" which Aqua asked him to be mind you. Who's to say he isn't guiding them to the final battle his connections are the scapegoat to them falling into darkness and Riku possess the power to save them. Yen Sid's words to Riku before he dived into Sora's heart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-o-wYATfro I forgot we even see him wield his bequeath as to be wielded by him in this scene! Otherwise, It would've faded.
  6. By the way I'm loving this discussion. No anger, no cursing, just chill play of thoughts. I can see where you're coming from and you do have a point... to a degree. But we've seen Maleficent's "whispering" awaken the darkness in others. Biggest example was Terra can't remember if it happened to Pete. Which in that case your point loses some merit points. Why? Cause who's to say she wasn't doing that to Riku... In fact it's hinted she was. When she tries to do it at one point I think after Sora decides not to join him on the ship Riku tells her to leave him be and even Sora claims a few times that Riku can't be in his right mind. You can only intentionally do something if you know the outcome or result otherwise it's a mistake and Riku didn't make decision knowing where they'd get him. He just picked up where he was and kept going and it was all for his friends he tried to get the gang together so they all could travel the worlds. I addressed his lust and hunger for adventure in the theory stating he does them as mistakes it's why he fought for his friends after Sora weakened Ansem when he learned the truth and came to his senses he helped them escape dire strains like 3 times. Wanting to be stronger than Sora I can call him on that though because he should've logically known letting a dark being into his heart would lead to some trouble. But being told by Sora it's cool if he comes with him and make a change isn't a window out. Especially when Donald was writing him off each time he got it made him feel unwelcomed. But lastly didn't I Aqua conceal this point? When she talks about Riku's "Dark Path" to Sora? Why would it be his job to keep him safe who is he meant to be if not the hero? It was his destiny to wield a key and Sora intruded on said Destiny when he took it. It was his light that kept Sora when Destiny Islands was swallowed and Riku
  7. Riku didn't deliberately through himself into the darkness it was a mistake he thought the darkness was the door to cross over into new worlds in which he was willing to go threw it even if the darkness surrounded him. That's called making a mistake that's like an adolescent picking up a non-purchased ball and walking out the door with it. If one would label that stealing they're full of it. The same can be said for what Riku did he opened the door not knowing better. When he woke up Maleficient the same character that tricked Terra into releasing a heart found him. She made him believe making these decisions was going to save Kiari though he did have his own dark motive on top of that. But before he could even execute them he was controlled by Ansem. Mickey did in fact help him in chain of memories. But he still held his own against Ansem. Who even scarred the Organization members. Mickey helped him not get lost before he obtained the immunity, it was after Ansem was suppressed, he became immune. When mickey saved him that was a last ditch effort to drag him into darkness Once again; it was clear Sora knowingly was diving into darkness Joshua, Young Xehanort, Braig, Xemnas etc. have tried to tell him that he was treading on thin ice. But he kept fighting going against Xemnas was part of fighting the darkness from his perspective. But instead of getting out he got engulfed and succumbed to it, suppressing his heart in the folds. That was his own doing he wandered to far and stayed to long. When that carried over into Riku's perspective (in sora's heart) he won his fights and escaped. Is that not clear m8 lol? This is when he gets captured https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxHDACu0er8 the rest was a path he had choice to follow.
  8. Sora has fought off the darkness, but never alone. It was Riku's power that kept his heart from being devoured when destiny islands was swallowed "connected". Sora was highjacked in DDD, yes, but if he was so keen on fighting off darkness. He would've never fallen asleep. Listen to Young Xehanort's words closely the plan was to have Sora dive deeper and deeper and since Riku was in his heart he would be afflicted the same way imprisoned in Sora's dream and never to escape. But that didn't happen Riku fell into the depths and still beat Ansem, The Nightmare, and Young Xehanort. He came out unscaved as they were meant to do. I said I proved he was immune and so did Young Xehanort on a multitude of occasions "But you developed a certain immunity to darkness" and "You really did it! You've found a way to seal the darkness in your heart (something Xehanort even thought wasn't possible)" proof enough for you? If not, I can provide the scenes? Now about plunging himself in darkness that was a mistake just overcame in Dream Drop Distance when he finally fight the Ansem in his own heart. Dream Drop Distance ties up the theory making Riku the forefront for more than the sake of irony. Well probably from the 3rd quarter on he'll be present. Him and Sora are to separate as disclosed by the synopsis, but yeah, Sora as Riku's guardian would still be a good reason to make him our window into the story. I'm just saying Riku will play a more significant role in the end. If Darkness prevail in the end Riku could become the playable character. Seeing as Nomura hinted other characters will be playable for probably 25% of the story (number is a suggestion from other youtubers).
  9. May I have a sec to laugh at that dope pic m8? NICE Back to reality. Yeah a lot of people talk about Nomura's incapacity to not be able to pull off big things like this. But it kind of trips me out that Riku has spent all this time in the background when it's his gift to Sora that makes this all possible he could always take his key back. Then again maybe the 2015 trailers elude to Sora's true key post Mastery.
  10. Grammar/Error Warning Undergoing Reform RIKU IS THE REAL HERO (THEORY) I wanted to make sure this theory reaches as many people as possible. If you aren't to keen on reading here's the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEOZyPxtOmg If you'd like to read the theory though. Let's begin: In this video I want to propose or convey an idea not many have proposed if at all. So as you all know Kingdom Hearts has always followed Sora and made him out to be the HERO some destined Keyblade barer until we reached Dream Drop Distance 4 years ago. We'll what if I also told you Kingdom Hearts 3 and what we know thus far also supports this theory? (I know I'd get ignorant hate because quote "We haven't played it yet how can you know?! I'm so... triggered! ) Yes, what we know actually does coincide with my theory. To understand the ending we must start from the beginning starting with the previous then current Generation. Birth By Sleep In this game we have our previous trio interact with the current trio and they develop connections. These connections are as stated (Terra-Riku] Aqua- Kiari, Riku, Sora] Ven-Sora). But someone's connections are not meant to be Sora's! (As we know from the know it all himself Mater Xehanort in DDD) In this journey the most important visits to Destiny Islands is connected to Terra and Aqua's portions. In Terra's visit he bestows the power of the Keyblade to Riku do to their outlooks on "what's really important" being highly relatable. As he states in the ritual "So long as you champion the ones you love" (As we know Riku admired Sora a lot when they were children.) The second most important visit: is Aqua's! Where we can concur that Aqua would've bestowed the power to Sora do to Riku having the power and darkness looming over his shoulder. So she instead asks Sora to "Protect Riku" be by "his side" and "guide him if he wanders a dark path" (Please keep this in mind as we go along.) Now Terra also made a statement that tripped me out "Aqua, Ven, one day i'll make this right." what if this is connected to the seed he sowed by gifting Riku with the keyblade? Just something to think about sense Nomura hinted the person in Terra's heart isn't actually Eraqus. Kingdom Hearts 1 In this game as we know the journeys of our current trio begins. But do to KH usually following Sora's perspective we'll be going into Riku's instead (Remember the Guardian Role Sora Plays). In this entry Riku was supposed to be bequeath the Kingdom Key but do to his wavering heart the keyblade moved along, or at least we were lead to believe that. Overtime this journey solidifies what it means to wield the Keyblade and Riku displays the complete opposite demeanor. Showing disdain and jealousy for Sora during our interactions with him. Most noted time was when he calls Sora a "delivery boy" and when he lets Ansem into his heart just to gain enough strength to put Sora beneath him. Going against the rituals line of "Championing the ones you love." though surprisingly in the end Riku returns to that boy that cared for his friends taking his heart back from Ansem and secluding himself in the Realm of Darkness. Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories In this entry Riku is called to Castle Oblivion to take on the trial of gaining control over his darkness and choose a path of Light or Darkness. But on his journey Riku learns that darkness does not need to be snuffed out. But instead it can be controlled and used to help him reach the light again. After fighting a few Organization members he finally takes on his inner struggle Ansem. After overcoming the battle it is discovered Riku possess an ability never before seen. The ability to balance the light and darkness in his heart making him immune to corruption on both ends! Kingdom Hearts 2 After the events of chain of memories Riku has left to learn how to control the darkness's hold on him. So out of fear of not being able to face Sora and Kiari thinking they would hold his actions from KH1 against him. Until he learns they've forgiven him and have been searching for him. After he rekindles that bond with them he's bequeath the gift of a new keyblade which he secretly struggles with accepting. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance You all should know the premise of this game, if not, SPOILERS AHEAD! Sora and Riku dives into the hearts of the worlds to awaken them from slumber as their "Mark of Mastery Exam". Whoever dives into the worlds hearts and return unscathed will gain a new power and will be crowned "Master". We learn a few things about our two heroes. Sora: 1) Is prone to darkness of high levels like Xehanorts. 2) And Sora is actually a dull ordinary boy only powerful because of the connections in his heart. But he would never be chosen by a key. Riku: 1) Riku is immune to even the deepest depths of darkness which he's dived into twice 2) and Riku possess the power to save people from the darkness Now if you'll recall I said DDD exposes a lot about the theory? You should see what I'm eluding too. Sora can't fight Xehanort off. But Riku, however, has done it twice. Also, in the end Yen Sid says that "THEIR FATES REST BEST ON RIKU'S SHOULDERS" Kingdom Hearts 3 So of course things get a little bit flexible and interpretive here but let me explain why this coincides with my theory thus far. In the 2013 announcement trailer () we see Sora pick up the "Master Defender" as we know from Nomura Aqua will find out how to save Ventus and Terra in "A Fragmentary Passage" words from Nomura himself! But at the time Sora picks up this Key he shouldn't be a Master seeing as his clothes are still the KH2 duds. Leaving only one Master to be picked by the key "Riku". Think about it! Aqua knows Riku/Sora's home is Destiny Island meaning she could've sent the key to them the same way she lends Terra her Key. As a symbol of her will being left in Terra's hands. Secondly, take a listen to Young Xehanort's words to Young Eraqus in the E3 2015 trailer "On that land shall darkness prevail and light expire" If we've already established Riku's immunity to darkness since CoM it would make sense he'd survive the event of darkness consuming the light. During the 2nd key blade war. Lastly, think about Xehanort's goal in KH3 "13 darkness's and 7 lights whose final clash will beget the prize I seek...The X-Blade!" As we know the X-blade is a wavering key meaning it would connect to Riku because they're wills are the same and as we know a key can renounce a wielder if their hearts do not relate to it's will. The same way Riku lost the Kingdom Key. Look at the way to dawn keyblade and look at the X-Blade the Heart emblem is evidence. The X-Blade emblem is safe guarded by two Kingdom Keys but I think that symbolizes "Defender of Kingdom Hearts". So what do you think? Join the ongoing discussion or hmu on youtube to get a quicker reply!
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