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  1. A kingdom hearts unchained X (chi) party for English players currently only on the Japanese version of the app. We're here to work together and spread creativity throughout daybreak town and beyond, and protect all worlds from the ever looming darkness. Join the cause and help us save the light with flair; and remember "there are no rehearsals in life, only performances" Party Info and Guidelines: Party Name: Key Performers Leader name & ID #: Mashu, #2475052 Union: Anguis Contact Info: Tumblr - keyblade-performers 
( http://keyblade-performers.tumblr.com/ ) E-mail- mateoandmolina@gmail.com Activity Level: Moderate to Often (I want us to do very well, but we all got lives to live.) Minimum Requirements: Must be level 70 or above, have at least one rank 6 medal, and be past the stage 150 mark. (Optional: look fabulous (。•̀ᴗ-)✧) Every new member will be Acknowledged on the tumblr page and any support and love for them from you guys oils be greatly appreciated
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