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  1. Styler-chan! *tackle hugs you*

  2. Styler? Is that you?

  3. Little-Styler

    KH3: Sora and Kairi?

    I dunno what to post first but here's a picture that I made ages ago and still really proud about it. I would like to see a moment like this in KH3 with this two heh. Credits: Picture editing and model posing are made by me. But please go here for the models credit http://khstyler-chan.deviantart.com/art/KH3-Sokai-548788185 ( You are allowed to use this but please credit me! )
  4. Hello everyone! :D 'm new here :3

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    2. Little-Styler


      @steven drake steventus

      Heyy nice to meet you too Ven! :D


      Oh no this aren't Namine or Xion on my profil pictures, this is my Kingdom Hearts Character. Made by a friend with some 3D Program ^^




      Woo Thank you Master Balo! :D



      Thanks! :D

      Oh good so I am not the only one who is new here xD



      I'm a girl xD



      Thank you! :33

    3. Veemon


      Ah, I see! Forgive me, Miss Styler. I must admit, your friend did a really neat job making that. :)


      I'm open for chat tomorrow (or later if it's morning for you right now). Perhaps we could talk some more if you're interested?

    4. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      Yooo welcome to the site. :)

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