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  1. Vote for Aqua i mean after all the things she through, she deserve to get a gold medal
  2. Hello, everyone.. i just decided to draw Roxas while waiting my AP at KHUX to full I worked this yesterday night before go to sleep and continue it after i wake up this morning I juts love how to draw my bby Rox I'm also bad at coloring, so i'll just do some traditional ink ^ ^ I'll also draw Axel and Xion later Hope you guys like it! Oh, i just repost this draw on my tumblr too

    © Velrenxy

  3. I love to drawing i draw a lot of fashion sketch before, but i realize that i couldn't draw anything beside manga style ^ O ^ i always draw with the traditional one, because i'm bad using digital and couldn't color it well.. I love to create costume design.. Oh, also.. mostly my drawing won't be coloring. But i love how i inked my draw with black and white i posted my draw on here too.. and hope i'll do more fanart about KH
  4. I'm using my Samsung Galaxy to play khux.. but sometimes my app is crash my phone is too old to play this.. but still play it until now anyway.
  5. Behemoth always be my favourite to grinding lux..
  6. Almost all my movie genre is horror.. always love horror or thriller.. but i also enjoy fantasy and sci-fi too
  7. I didn't watch Zootopia before my big bro said that i should watch it.. and yashh, i think i like this movie Oh, btw.. i love Nick
  8. Vote for Spirited Away on the top but Arrietty is also good
  9. Usually, i play RPG game, but sometimes i pick up horror game too
  10. Reading fanfiction or sometimes just reading some manga until my eyes tired. Then, i just fall asleep quickly
  11. I think Dory is my fave, she is so funny and hilarious!
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