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  1. Kevin Flores

    Should kingdom hearts 3 have a Spanish dub game?

  2. :blink: WTF?!
  3. Kevin Flores

    Should kingdom hearts 3 have a Spanish dub game?

    I´ve found this petition on I´ve signed it with the following commentary (on Spanish of course): I´m a fan since the first installment in the series and I think that the Latin America Language Localization represents a great opportunity to increase sales and to share this experience to a broader audience. In the last years, many AAA videogame franchises have launched their latest installments with Latin Spanish dub included, take for example Rise of the Tomb Raider, or the more recent WB and Ubisoft games as well. Many of the fans I know approve this proposal, however, another big sector of Latin America would prefer to play it with the English Dub. It wouln´t be bad if they decide to include language options on the final product, that way, each player can enjoy it with their respective preferences. I don´t have a problem by playing it on English, I just want to play KH3
  4. Hello Andrew, I´m Kevin and I´m new on the KH Forum. Once I saw this post, I decided to join in to bring my thoughts and opinions about Kingdom Hearts. There are a few questions I would like to be answered by Yoko "Goddess of Videogame Music" Shimomura :wub: . 1) Many of my friends from Spain and Latin America love the music you composed for the Kingdom Hearts saga, and I'm no exception. Would you agree to take part on a Kingdom Hearts Music Tour for Spain and Latin America? 2) Do you like any certain Latin musical genre like salsa, mariachi or similar? By the moment I can't think of another question :tongue: I'm afraid I won't come to the World Tour :sad:, but I'm hoping for some video release like the one from Final Fantasy XV at Abbey Road Studios :rolleyes: . Thank you for reading & greetings from Mexico :lol:. -K.F.