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  1. Most of my love for grievous is from this show
  2. That miniseries I dont care howw overpowered everyone was it was the greatest thing At least everyone was equally overpowered Also I prefer how it neatly ties everything together to what the 3d show did
  3. Was their intention to make a Clark Kent joke? Cause it looked like it was a really awkward superman pose
  4. Also nobody can make me take that Leia flight scene seriously
  5. Yeah like I love episode 3. I dont like episode 2 at all and I do like parts of 1
  6. I have watched the films but that's the most of my investment in the series. And honestly this trilogy has been pretty meh Like I'd rather go back to the shitshow of the prequels than this Cause at least there was something entertaining there
  7. I mean his character has gone from threatening to man child but I guess he has to develop?
  8. This trilogy has a thing for helmets tbh Who is this new threatening character? Must be Helmet villain number 23 Yeah true :laughsinnomura:
  9. Watch her get shot out the garbage shoot
  10. Remember it has to be digestible by academy standards The oscars is a love hate relationship I'd be surprised if joker won
  11. Which boring oscar bait shall be best picture this year. Roll the drums
  12. Aw nah darkest hour was like alright. The dude playing churchill did good but fk off academy he aint better than Daniel day lewis
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