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  1. Arthur and his smug faces
  2. Oh yeah it was the skeleton but the new dance it does is the fortnite one. I guess they treated it as an opportunity to do an Easter egg
  3. Ph maybe it was I forget. Let me double check
  4. Wasnt the skeleton though?
  5. One of the npcs did a fortnite dance
  6. Fortnite dance in spyro was so random too
  7. Just I wrote that comment nayways
  8. Welp I kind of thought so
  9. Like I'm not going to dislike it because its popular to the point of it being kind of obnoxious when I see some company try to seem cool by having a dance from it in their adverts.
  10. :samshrug: I've played it before. Dont think it's the greatest thing ever but it's pretty fun
  11. Gotham city and batman
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