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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Yeah I saw that. I wasnt even subscribed I signed into my account that isn't really used watched a bunch of unrelated stuff and still get remind showing At least I know a certain character exists so I've not been hit with too much
  2. Wind Titan sucks ass but my best advice for him is just dodge roll when he starts shooting buildings at you. The falling phase is bs so just pray you dint take too much damage or none at all. The last phase is really just airstep to his face as fast as possible.
  3. But would it look good on your counter?
  4. Cant understand a plot point? Ban Question Time Travel? BAN Dont play ux? Triple Banned. This is a nice, clean and simple server.
  5. We will not accept confusion here
  6. Let's ban Joshua because he is confused
  7. Sora and Riku is just intense Friendship. More powerful then anything Yugioh could ever imagine.
  8. You know If Ven was some kind of unstable person then I might get more interested in him
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