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  1. I kinda want more the Roxas B, glamour than the EXMarluxia... I mean, It's not that bad, Im counting on him to increase my Pet lvl, because now I buy WJE every week, but that Rucksak B look, tho... PS: Any good skill to put on EXMarluxia¿?
  2. is there a quest that spawns an Omega behemoth¿?
  3. 2 years. 2 FRIGGIN YEARS complaining, almost every day. and of course they have to do that after ExSephiroth. Also, now i don't have idea why i can't buy jewels in MX$$ i uninstalled and reinstalled it from playst ore mx and still charging me in USD. I even deleted mYMy US account from my cellphone and still charge me in USd... any idea why¿? Anyway, I am so happy about this. finally my F2p account can stop being f2p.
  4. it's a good idea to pull the tsum tsum medals¿? I've spent all the jewels i farmed from proud mode quests and proud missions on ExSephiroth and didn't get him. -but at least i get a .2Kairi and Tifa&Aerith medals as a consolation- Does have tsum tsums medals worth the while or I should save jewels for something else¿?
  5. ¡Cool! I'm glad I asked about this. I'd defenitively would lost EA, fusing it with the full Chip and Dale boosts. you're right. Chip and Dale comes and go, but Key Arts don't. thanks. I think, I will fuse one more to the EA medal and the remaining 2 will be kept in for using them consecutively in proud mode quests...
  6. I have a question about how do i keep the trait "Extra attack" when fusing it with a medal that have full Chip and Dale. It's the first time i can fuse various medals with 2 slots for traits. I don't wanna screw this, because I want to use the remaining medals to get "strenght+1000".
  7. awesome. i can't get his hayrstyle yet. cannot pass that mision in less than 5 turns... ufff¡! finally¡! I did it¡! also, beated mision X, too. Moogle O'Glory +25:iKairi>KHIIiKairi>Axel B 6☆/2○>Phil&Herc 100%boost and shared Hayner Pence Olette. took out healing cat 1st then boosting cat and the rest was easy.
  8. for the monkey i had to go full defensive. Orchestra Sora DB3, Mostro DB2 and shared Hayner Pence Olette DBIV saddly, the boosted EXCloud in my party was not enough. not ExAxel nor ExSora.
  9. i can't clear mision ix. some help, please¿? don't have 0.2 kairi so, it's not that easy for me.
  10. i just can't pass beyon 1m on the damage contest... u_u some ideas¿?
  11. someone knows EXACTLY where this raid boss spawns¿? cause i have not seen it in Special or Events quests...
  12. actually, im jist doing the union quests for the free jewels and the past medals. but what i cannot explain is why even my precious guilted medals do 1 damage. even on the Vanitas HSC¡! not even my guilted EXCLOUD¡! do i need more buffs or what¿?
  13. damn¡! brooms¡! Gems¡! I seriously need those Gems... and I spend all my jewels getting EXCLOUD -I get it, I think I spend all the luck In my life because it was Boosted- but, damn¡! gems are more important¡! damn I hate this¡!
  14. I just suffered enough to get Zexion's hairstyle. Zexion B medal is not much of my interest... so i think i will focus on union quests to get more jewels.
  15. this is so hard, that I've decided to see what other medals i can get. the Orchestra Sora is the more worthy to get that DB3. mi KHIIiKAIRI has the unvaluable skill 2nd chance.and I gess i have all those medals because there was a good time i had in the pulls when I tried to get Dark Riku and 2.8 Aqua. I bever let go daily jewels, union quest boards or any event who drops jewels... so i can do one or two pulls a month.
  16. nope. i don't have any tier 4 or 5 guilted. i have some fantasia B's but i am not even sure on which medal use them...
  17. this are my top medals. as I am a f2p player, i have not a t5 guilted, so, i need an advice about where i should use ATTACK BOOST IV, ATTACK BOOST IV & ATTACK PRIZE PLUS, DEFENSE BOOST III, two ATTACK ALL II and two DEFENSE BOOST II.
  18. that challenge is almost impossible for me. even with my KHIIiKairi with 2nd chance... u_u i feel so weak.
  19. but i want that useless hyped ex cloud. ma hart ma soul needs it¡! I am really desperate to hack or root my cellphone to being able to pull some 3 times. my free pull of this banner was literally pure trash.
  20. but, Roxas and brooms include tier 4 and 5 medals like illustrated ones and hd medals¿?
  21. well, so far to this week, I wasn't able to spend real cash on the game. i was a f2p since the release of the gane in NA. I think I am a decent player. got most of my keyblades at lvl 20 except Divine Rose+25 and Olympia+25. My lvl is 300. the only advantage that cash gives to you, is accesing all the farmable banners any day of the week, so you can upgrade your medals enough to level up your Nova. that's all. useful if you've got a bunch of significant medals to guilt. Now that I know that I am not missing much, probably never gonna spend another bucks on the game. despite the Brooms challenge. if the people stop using real money to get them, Square will resent it and probably they'll release them soner or later. probably, later when people stops even loggin in
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