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  1. Agreed, also For Atlantis The Lost Empire, I picked Lightning as the possible party member for that world since Kida will be temperarely bonded with the Mother Crystal and Milo doesn't fight much...
  2. Here's some new and returning worlds, party members and summons on this list * symbol indicates new worlds and party members ==Confirmed== 1. Mount Olympus (Hercues) 2. Kingdom of Corona (Tangled)* 3. San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)* 4. Twilight Town 5. Mysterious Tower ==Possible Worlds== 1. Radiant Garden 2. Land of the Dragons (Mulan II) 3. Port Royal (Dead Man's Chest/At World's End) 4. The Lost Empire (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)* 5. Space Port (Treasure Planet)* 6. Arendelle (Frozen)* 7. Enchanted Bayou (The Princess & the Frog)* 8. Groovy Jungle (The Jungle Book)* 9. Inca Empire (The Emperor's New Groove)* @Party Members 1. Rapunzel (Kingdom of Corona)* 2. Hiro Hamada (San Fransokyo)* 3. Mulan (Land of the Dragons) 4. Lightning Farron (Atlantis: The Lost Empire?)* 5. Jim Hawkins (Space Port)* 6. Elsa or Anna? (Arendelle)* 7. Captain Jack Sparrow (Port Royal) 8. Noctis (Enchanted Bayou)* 9. Mowgli (Groovy Jungle)* 10. mystery party member @Summons 1. Olaf* 2. Vanellope von Schweetz* 3. Bolt* 4. Chicken Little 5. Genie 6. Baymax*
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