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  1. Consider the coconut!

  2. Cute Avatar ;3

    1. DoDo4869


      Oh thanks^^

  3. If it is a 1 on 1 I would say Tarzan, but if Aladin is allowed to use at least carpet, then I am not sure
  4. Oh, so in Germany there is marriage for all now? Glad to hear that :D

    1. Felixx


      Yeah that's pretty cool :D Was long overdue

  5. I feel numb, I feel numb in this kingdom~

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mary-Agu


      Aww, I'm sorry :(

    3. AngelTheWeirdStranger


      Nah, don't feel bad. Was just refering to the LiS feels. xP

    4. Mary-Agu


      I know, I know :(

  6. I really like the poem, good work! I can not wait to read some more!
  7. I didn't mean to do that, I'm sorry!

    1. Mary-Agu


      It is okay ;D

    2. Solstice


      Okay, thank you!

  8. It's too hot D:

    1. Awesome Sauce

      Awesome Sauce

      Drink something, or get some ice cream

    2. Mary-Agu


      Will do! Tomorrow maybe : D

  9. Guys, be sure to tell your friends how important they are to you!

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    2. Mary-Agu


      @KingdomHearts3 Oh no , how horrible I am so sorry to hear that. May their souls rest in peace...



    3. Mary-Agu


      @WakingDawn96 Hey, internet friends are friends too! If they are important to you, then go ahead and tell them! :3

    4. WakingDawn96


      (Also, what Mary-Agu said! I hope their spirits can be at peace, that sounds terrible that that happened. It's never easy to lose a soul on this planet, even if you don't know them that well.)

  10. Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep~

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    2. WakingDawn96


      Lately, I've been. I've been playing hard~

    3. DoDo4869


      Said, no more counting dollars. We'll be counting stars, yeah we'll be counting stars~

    4. Mary-Agu


      I see this life like a swinging vine, swing my heart across the line~

  11. They added a new cutscene to 358 Days just like that? Wow how awesome :O

  12. Did you guys see the Life is Strange: Before the storm trailer? D:

    1. WakingDawn96


      I did, but I don't know much about it, as I haven't gotten around to play the original yet, however I do technically now own the original season because of PlayStation Plus, but I just haven't gotten around to playing it yet that I know what this new game is about.

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