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  1. I forgot I was on here. Perhaps I could post some other sketches and graphites from my art accounts!

  2. asdfghsdh MY LAME GRAPHITE LITTLE SORA GOT FEATURED??? I didn't even ask! Thank you so much guys ;_____;

  3. Happy Halloween everyone!! :D

  4. sunnwave


    Art for my Kingdom Hearts AU, but I think it'll be good here! The original KH1 Sora is my favorite Sora of all time. <333 I love drawing him a lot! I started this last month and finished earlier this month.

    © uhh not sure what exactly we put here but I guess uh, me/SUEÑO DIVERTIDO.

  5. sunnwave

    The Last Vessel

    YEEESS, Soranort! I love this a bunch!!
  6. Awesome!! The smile on Big Sora's face is kind of creepy (he looks more realistic lol), but it's nice to have a smaller Sora figure around! Now I don't have to carry around a giant PAK Sora figure to fiddle with when ADHD strikes. :'D
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