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  1. tekkenhunter

    comedy master of masters

    revised meme #masterofmasters #meme

    © TekkenHunter/WingsofFreedom

  2. My video I created/edit together. Princess Kenny AMV (note this is for season 3 and please KNOW that this is violent anime, But If you watch PG-13 Jurassic Park. this should be fine) I grew up on south park and anime. This is my tribute on youtube video is 55 seconds long. This is a comedy video, if you are easily offended. Then simply do not watch. I don't believe I am breaking any rules. https://youtu.be/xyPSjVCOcmA
  3. Another comedy video. here comes another video edit with a popular fatal fury snk character M.O.T.J. note: It is just the opening scene. Film is rated pg-13... Length is 1 min and 13 sec Thoughts comments reaction criticism and more are welcome http://youtu.be/jwtMrfstFLw
  4. Just uploaded my next comedy video based on fallen kingdom

  5. My video to show a reaction from one of my many fav character on avengers infinity war. Warning Spoilers! thoughts, comments, reactions, criticism and more.
  6. hope some of you like my Gotham Hearts Video Feedback is always appreciated, as well as if it made you laugh or cry, etc Please don't be afraid to let me know what you think of the video.

  7. My 2nd attempt at a comedy or meme video. More info in description. Combines Gotham and KH My 2nd attempt at #comedy and #meme with #gotham and #kingdomhearts Please tell me what you like and dislike about my video and attempt. https://youtu.be/Q_ryZYTcIqE
  8. VR KH BBS The Movie Part 8 is up. Link

  9. VR KH BBS The Movie Part 7 is up. Link

  10. VR KH BBS The Movie Part 6 is up for viewing. Link

  11. More KH BBS VR Videos uploading later this week. Also for new years my brother bought the nin switch for us and MK8D digital. He is also planning on getting mario odyssey later in the year.

  12. I uploaded part 5 of KH BBS The Movie in VR. Link

  13. The news in general is a mix of truth and lies, it is up to the individual to their homework. In my city they do a good job of reporting the violence.
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