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  1. I don't have the 2.8 collection yet, figure i will buy it when i finish this one! What do you mean? Should i just avoid theese "Key rewards" and why so? Yeah, I guess sleighs make it way easier, but you can't just spam them can you? Thanks, that does sound pretty good Oh okay, I will look into that, guess i just have to get used to it! Thank you so much, I really think this might help!
  2. Oh okay, I just really dont feel like watching a 3 hour movie of cutscenes right now Might just have to get that info later on
  3. Thanks! I think im just gonna try and play it, even though i think it seems kinda dull - don't wanna miss out on anything! So it's just overkill to try and get those? Seems odd they would even make it an option, considering what seems to be a very elaborate lore in all these games.. I'll start over then, thanks! I think i might wait with bbs, i already finished the first game - and isn't it better/the intended way to play the series by the released order of the games, and not by the chronological story?
  4. So i should just complete the game, and then maybe get back to it after unlocking the bonus cards by watching Days? But then what would i need them for? Yeah okay, I just can't figure the game out - its as if you play in small square maps, thanks though man.
  5. I recently bought the Kingdom Hearts bundle "Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX" for the PS4. The reason i did, was because i previously (years back) played some of Kingdom Hearts 2, and thought it was a fun game, and would now like to try the entire series. I just completed KH1, which was an awesome game, and i'm now trying to move on within the franchise. Below i listed the way I have been told to play the games/movies (im not gonna buy a nintendo ds to play 358/2 days & Re:coded): 1) Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD 2) Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories HD 3) Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix HD 4) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (movie) 5) Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD 6) Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (movie) 7) Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Is this the correct way to go about it? If so, i am VERY confused, and have a couple of questions: 1. Since i just finished KH1, i shoud start playing RE:CoM right? But i heard I would get some bonus cards in that game, if I were to watch the 358/2 days movie first, how do i go about this? 2. As much as i enjoyed KH1 (and the mechanics of KH2 as well), i really struggle to understand the new mechanics of RE:CoM, do you have any tips to play this totally different game? Kind regards, Carsten.
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