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  1. I don't know if this was already done but.... what character is your favorite in the kingdom hearts series so far? I'd like to go with xemnas....anybody care for a top 5? 1. Xemnas 2. Sora 3. Riku 4. Saix 5. Mickey
  2. Aw ok I got you on that. I would have to play the last one. The dream drop distance so I can be able to fully comprehend it. Don't want to be lost. I want to be caught up by the time kh3 comes out
  3. Well I have the kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 and trying to line up all the ducks... so xeanhort has so many copies of himself. What does he do transfer his body to terra then riku? Or is that a whole different person?
  4. I can't wait till the new kingdom hearts 3 drops. I'm looking forward to the new moves and great storyline. My question is before all that do you guys think we'll continue to hear that great music that starts off all the games in this series? No change up. Square enix you've been doing a great job. Though I'm still trying to piece the story together so bare with me.
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