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  1. Yay about time the spoiler policy is out of the way! I made this back on February Yeah I'm the same dork who doodled most of the organization XIII as pokemon yup that was me. So of course had to picture that with my personal favorite part of the KH3 ending ISA MY ANGEL SO COOL YOU SURVIVED
  2. Last year I've drawn most members of the real organization as pokemon so just thought it would be funny to do it a bit more. This illustration is actually just a clean version of a thumbnail to cover a rather spoilerish illustration from Kingdom Hearts III. More precisely my personal favorite part of the ending. As this community has told spoilers are strictly forbidden in this website, I just post this spoiler free thing. But in case you cleared the game and want to see what I've drawn about it, feel free to click this link! ->
  3. Months ago I've drawn most of the new Organization XIII members as pokemon but I'm tired to keep that up so just wanted to draw my favorite character back in his teen days before the whole mess fell before him. In my speculation, Radiant Garden would the world with the biggest percentage of shiny pokemon than any other world. Somehow that ended to Isa, Lea and Kairi to be born as shiny. Isa wanted to evolve into Sylveon actually
  4. I didn't really gave much thought why Vanitas would be a Luxio in my book. I just speculated Sora would be Litleo and then Roxas would be shiny Shinx, then Ventus would be a regular Shinx and since Vanitas is his own incarnated darkness, would be a messed Luxio cuz.....cool? I dunno, made easier about the hair lol
  5. Obviously a narcissistic that thinks he's so flipping pretty would be some pokemon with looks. And since he's into flowers, a grass type would be good. Yeah yeah there's others suitors like Roserade but don't you agree it would be too obvious? I thought a Meganium would be a funnier choice since it's not too obvious. And make the flower as a rose to fit better. Yeah now suits the bastard well! Ihatehim
  6. Going on with the crossover series with three more members of the new organization Young Xehanort, as his oldie selves are Tyranitar, obviously the brat would be from the first line of evo. Yeah he's a teen and could be a Pupitar but think how boring it would be. Nah, Larvitar is more flexible.
  7. Now there's a lot of mons Saix could be. He could be a Midnight Lycanroc, he could be any other mon associated with the moon but I chose an Umbreon for several reasons: first, his ears would be dropped by a birth defect which resembles his hair bangs. Second, since he values his (dead) bond with Axel so much that may have triggered his evolution since we know it requires high friendship. And third, to be a shiny to reflect his blue hair and to be special due to his connection to Kingdom Hearts. And fourth, Umbreons are simply dope and so he is.
  8. Since the old fart is a Mega Tyranitar made sense his Nobody and Heartless would be regular Tyranitar as they're basically adult selves of himself. I just gave a darker coloration to Ansem as heartless are darker than the nobodies. And the guardian thing as a Gengar
  9. The sassy bastard which I love everytime he opens his mouth was a tough choice. I ended up with Skarmory because mostly of his scar, souvenir by courtesy of Terra, and for the wings that kinda resemble his sniper weapon. Like how about he could throw his steel feathers as if snipping? And still defying gravity by just flying upside down in style? Meh as if.
  10. Hi! Despite being a KH fan for a long time, any art tributes from me are rare and far between due to my particular lack of interest to draw human characters so what I did to fix that? Mixing two franchises I'm fond of. So yeah some rushed yet thought out designs of each member of this intriguing Organization Master Xehanort: The old fart, we can all agree he's one heck of a clever pain in the butt. And despite his old age, he still can kick butt. So since he's a force to be reckoned I've thought, maybe he could be an insanely powerful mon? And since he's breaking so many nature laws as screwing up time, how about the messes with Mega Evolution logic and turns to be a permanent one? Like a Mega Tyranitar! I picked Tyranitar cuz it's not necessarily a cuddleble thing, the pokedex likes to give it a bad name and it's insanely powerful. And the mega form who has those spikes in the back, does resemble a X as he's so obsessed about. Oh and the shiny coloration, actually I've thought nah he's not shiny, just losing its coloration cuz old. Yup.
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