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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. "I guess I can contain myself for a little while longer," Riku joked. He loved how easy it was to tease one another. Everything felt natural between them. Sora nodded, understanding where her thoughts were most likely drifting. What happened last time wasn't good, so it would be a smart idea to keep close to one another. "Yeah, I won't leave your side."
  2. "I'm a dangerous criminal," Riku said in a low voice, squeezing her hand. Sora looked up at the house, which was bedecked in various ghoulish decorations, and then glanced at Kairi. "Looks like the party's already started. Do you want to go in and mingle?"
  3. Riku let Lightning lead him towards the party, watching as other small pods of costumed students joined them on their trek. He was mildly impressed by all the variety. "At least there doesn't seem to be too many other cops around or robbers." "We shall," Naminé agreed, taking his arm with a bright smile. Tonight would certainly be a night to remember.
  4. Naminé caught the movement of his hand but didn't comment on it. Wouldn't it be weird to ask him to hold her? "Where is the party anyway?" Sora asked, turning his attention to his best friend. Riku jerked his thumb back. "Just up the hill. One of the off-campus groups is hosting it."
  5. "Aw, thanks, Kai," Sora replied. Her bright violet eyes made his cheeks turn bright red. Was she really this excited over his costume? He supposed it made sense since she had designed it. The word cute though...It doesn't mean anything... Her fingers stopped, hovering near his bangs at his words. The compliment made her heart swell with warmth. "Thanks. Kairi really did a good job with the design, right? It's really comfortable too. Not itchy or anything." As his eyes roamed her body, Naminé found her own eyes doing the same. The toga, while not necessarily normal attire, looked great on Roxas. His athletic physique on full display. Riku pulled her towards the group, calling out to their friends. "You guys ready for the party?"
  6. Sora pushed his glasses up the ridge of his nose shyly. "You look amazing, Kairi." The word sexy came to mind, but he wasn't sure if he could voice the thought, afraid she might be put off. "You look really handsome," Naminé complimented. She noticed one of his laurels was crooked and moved to adjust it, her fingers brushing his forehead. "There." Riku closed his eyes to savor the kiss before slipping his hand into hers. "Ready?"
  7. Sora saw the girls first and waved excitedly for them to approach. He couldn't quite make out their costumes from where they were standing, but his heart thundered in anticipation. Riku caught her hand and brought it to her lips. "Who else's heart would I want to steal from? There'll never be another girl like you, Light." He knew his sentiments were cheesy, but he meant them. Light was the only one for him. He just hoped her feelings for him would remain the same.
  8. "Yeah, I want to get there before it gets too crowded and before all the good candy is eaten," Naminé added the latter as an afterthought. She wasn't as passionate about sweets as the boys were, but she certainly enjoyed a few particular kinds that had been introduced to her. "After you, toga boy," Sora returned, stepping out of their dorm first. Tonight would be interesting. "Hmm, well I think you need to lock me up then," Riku shot back with a flirtatious wiggle of his eyebrows. "Especially since I did steal your heart." He grabbed the handcuffs, stopping their spinning.
  9. "Oh, stop it," Naminé swatted her friend's words away with an embarrassed blush. "You did an amazing job with the designs." Though the question did echo in her thoughts: what would Roxas think? Would he like it? How did his costume turn out? Sora pushed the blond playfully and adjusted his bow-tie. "Maybe. I really do like the suspenders." Sora couldn't help but think of how Kairi would look. They had never worn matching costumes before, even back on the island as kids. Him and Riku usually wore something similar, but that was usually by accident. Riku whistled lowly as he eyed Lightning's costume. Kairi certainly had outdone herself. His costume had been relatively simple: a pair of black pants, long-sleeved shirt, mask, and knit cap, but Lightning..."You already look ready to arrest someone, officer," he teased.
  10. Naminé giggled seeing her friend. "You look adorable, Kairi!" She adjusted the golden laurels sitting in her hair and came to sit on her other's bed. The fabric of her gown, an elegant black, flowed with her as she walked the short distance. Her gladiator sandals gleamed and the string of fake Greek coins attached jingled. "Better than being dressed as Cupid," Sora offered with a smirk, "He usually just wears a diaper." He glanced at himself in the mirror then, catching sight of the taped up spectacles and drawn on freckles. I look ridiculous but good? His suspenders were bright red and accented with an out-of-place bow tie clinging to the collar of his floral print shirt.
  11. Sora followed after Kairi, keeping close as he climbed the stairs towards their dorm rooms. "I try." I wonder if Kairi ever wants to be with me...like she was with Noel?
  12. "We'll have to start planning our trip to Corona soon." Sora opened the door for her with a gentleman-like flourish. "After you." He wondered, at her response, what could be going through her mind? Was she happy? Sad? Tonight was a big night for her.
  13. They reached the dorms in a companionable silence, but Sora's mind whispered to him each step. Trying to coax a confession from his lips. The boy, however, managed to keep his features smooth. "Guess that's it, huh? Back to classes tomorrow."
  14. “We should probably get going...” Those weren’t the words he wanted to say, but what else could he convey without giving away his feelings?
  15. "Kairi...," Sora started but couldn't finish the thought. This didn't feel like the right time. They were close. So close. But something about the moment felt too public. They were in their own world right now, but their bubble of bliss could be so easily popped. What where would the right place be? The right time?
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