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  1. Actually I don't think he time traveled I think when the keyblade war happened all progress that the keyblade masters made was reset when the world was turned toward the side of darkness and becomes the first world with the first heartless, nobodies, and unversed to be and caused that whole world to fall into darkness and that's when their progress reset because their world became the first end of the world and the only true darkness world that isn't in the realm of darkness but wasn't going to be the only one for long and that's when Sora's world was taken but Sora, Donald, and Goofy stopped it from becoming another world of darkness and because they did this some of those original keyblade masters returned but not right after but years before he and king mickey sealed the dtd so that time could progress the way it's suppose to so if Sora and king Mickey never sealed the dtd then Ventus would have never returned but because he did return it explains why he doesn't remember who he is or where he is from because he was like sealed away by the dtd
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