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  1. Considering that this 2 are the same game I'd say it would be strange to create a new model for the same character if it was Ansem SoD, expecially considering the lenght of the video and the amount of work the team had to put on it; so I think it must be someone else. To note even that the mother has the same hair color of Skuld, so "maybe" Xehanort is a descendant of Skuld. And the irony to think that in Union X and Dark Road we are playing with basically the same "character/soul".
  2. I just cleared all the proud quests, tried to clear all the events that gave gems and buyed vip a few times to get the garanteed draws and with them i try to get a lot of gems in the high score challenges(ex. the last damage challenge gave me 30 gems of each type) and don't forget that now you can buy 20 gems for 3500 jewels.
  3. Hi, I'm playing this game for almost a year now and until 2 monthes ago for what i know the meta was to upgrade the fairy star because it was the strongest keyblade, but from now on the monokeyblades will have a permanente boost and the Bad Guy Breaker is obviously stronger than old keyblades. So at the moment I have all keyblades at lvl 35 except the diamond dust and i saved 150 gems of all the 3 types, should I use them or just wait ? PS i heard someone saying they will replace the proud+ quests with others that will give dark gems
  4. Don't give yourself false hopes, this is just a mere dream unfortunately
  5. We are still 4 month behind the japanese version if i am correct, and i guess the story will go on but will be still slow
  6. "From 12 AM PT 6/10 until 11:59 PM PT 6/30, the Booster Boards will be available! They each cost 3000 Jewels and can up your Power, Speed, and Magic damage by 30% until the end of June." This game is totally PTW now I guess...
  7. With all this gem boards i'm starting to asking myself if the gems in a near future will be useless, am I the only one?
  8. So basically SENA is doing an event only for like 200 players , which doesn't even need 3 gems because thay are already at the top of the game. This is logically nonsense IMHO
  9. Are the lvl 5000 boss in the Attribute Battle Challenge Event even doable in 3 turns? it seems impossible to me even with a full VIP setup...
  10. I just hope it won't be forgotten and unfinished like FF15
  11. I just think that the story path was terrible and the ending was quite a rush and a mess; they could have made a better story, KH2 was better in that way . However when you talk about FF15, i really think it is a very bad game; i mean , when it came out in the beginning i thought it was nice, but with all the DLCs it just became a commercial thing; like when i played FF13 and i thought it was nice, then the era of DLCs was born and FF13-2 and FF13 Lightning returns were awful. But when you think of God of War(2018) , it was a total success with tons of awards and it has NO PAY DLC; still can't decide which is the best between GoW 1, 3 and 2018.
  12. The Sephiroth medal is nice, but you have to spend 45k jewel in the banner to get it😓
  13. Hi, like others i started KH3 yesterday, but like in other games of the series you have to make some choises at the beginning of the game, so i'm always quite frustrated in that moment beacuse you can't change that decision later and i would like to now the skill tree for each branch and if there are other differencies if it is yet known, beacuse for example if you have MP haste or "once more" sooner in the game it becames easier to survive .
  14. That's easy, until people will keep on spending money on this game
  15. I hope so, the KH3 Starlight medal is not as good as the new BBS medals and I'm quite sure that with the KH3 release we'll have more powerfull medals to spend jewels on
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