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  1. Nah, we're only going to get a limited number of worlds in KH4, I'm not wishing for a world to be wasted on Jungle Book. There's only so much environmental variety to wow us in a jungle world. It'll feel like Frozen or Pirates of the Caribbean where you're just going around a boring world with just trees around you most of the time. I wanna see stuff, like how Corona had a town and the woods, and how toy box had Andy's house, the drive way and then the toy store. I'd much rather they do treasure planet or something else.
  2. Except you missed the point that P5 reuses assets like textures and models multiple times due to the consistency of the game world. Textures are really what drives up the file sizes of games. For a game like KH3 where you visit multiple worlds that are supposedly way huger than previous games, they can't actually reuse the textures, sound files or various other assets from toy box for arandelle or olympus. Therefore it is only expected that KH3 is supposed to have a huge filesize. Also the argument for file compression does not actually hold, as there is a limit to file compression techniques that will be reached before performance is compromised. Which is why games are 40+ GB nowadays compared to 5 GB+ few years ago.
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