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  1. The game feels okay, but i suck at it , kinda would have prefered if it was like Theaterythm, but thats just my opinion Cant wait for the opinion of my GF though, she plays more Rythm-Games and can judge better than me
  2. Random thought what if "Final Mix" Editions werent extensions of the game but kind of what we got added was because of an altered timeline?
  3. True like always :x I got a really dumb idea, when i thought about the vague conversation between Sora/Yozora and FFX/X-2 What if Sora was created by Kairi based on Memories or something, and he ends up being that altered form of the Original (like Tidus was based on Shuyin) and thats why Yozora also wondered that he is Sora and how he looks on top of that insert random MoM is the "real" Sora in that case honestly sounds dumb enough to actually be possible
  4. Do you think Verum Rex could kinda work on the law of disguise like Sora/Donald/Goofy change appearance to not disrupt the World Order? i am still curious why Rex thinks Sora being Yozora (and Goofy/Donald the other 2 fron the removed part)
  5. Random thing i just saw, despite missing an additional r since Dark Road included Nordic stuff there is a God called Ludorr which could work as a somebody name of Luxord *Lodurr
  6. I have no idea why a lot of ppl have to be mad that they cant manage some things with their level of skill Its like i would wish anyone to die who can do things i cant like playing LV1 Crit Easily, Extreme and higher difficulties in Ryth Games, No Damage Souls/Sekiro whatever isnt possible for a large number of ppl
  7. Nomura adds so much i dont even feel to dare anymore what could be a thing, we could really see eveything in this franchise, now he added nordic mythology, how many religions are left?
  8. Why are numbers in KHUX so damn ridicoulous?
  9. Götterdämmerung Start Battle with full Limit
  10. I could imagine it like in Trails of Cold Steel, you keep the Level and have skills like you would have learned them in the previous game, but other stuff is reset to initial equip level Just dunno how you would find a balance over initial stuff in new game without transfer vs keeping everything if you cleared Part 1 And would also give a problem like in .hack G.U where you started waaaay too OP in the next Part and it only balanced out a little midway
  11. I kinda doubt we will keep stuff... i dunno
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