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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. > So of the data org fights this is my list from hardest to easiest: > 1.Xion > 2.Saix > 3. Vanitas > 4. Master Xehanort > 5. Terranort > 6. Xemnas > 7. Young Xehanort > 8. Ansem > 9. Xigbar > 10. Larxene > 11. Marluxia > 12. Riku Replica > 13. Luxord @King Arthur13 Vanitas was the only fight i got 1st try, so i guess i got pretty lucky with him
  2. tbf its also dumb that Kairi couldnt resist a grab but can suddenly kick Armored Xehanorts Ass with superskills.... so i dunno
  3. Random thought of the day, what if Kairi and Lea actually didnt only train but did something in secret while gone and pretended to still be weak in the KBG Battles for some unrevealed reason?
  4. i see, well also suddenly everyone can Stopza aswell, so i guess they are just lazy to cast big magic ;D
  5. i still cant believe there was "Ultimate" Magic all along and nobody used it all the time, also Donald the Mage doesnt survive his Zettaflare while Mickey casually wants to cast Ultima :x does the Zetta-Term even exist in any FF or SE Game so far? i only know well Zetta From NIS-Universe Also if now we know that Kairi is capable of fighting, does that mean she maybe knows more than she wants to let us know and let her be kidnapped like she couldnt do anything about it? So many stuff is really strange if you think about it after getting new information like how Mickey came at the exact needed moment at the end of KH1, and he seems to be capable of way more than we always imagined, making me think YenSids book has to be a Book of Prophecy and they were for whatever reason only allowed to act as much as they did When they rewind time in KBG, even Yensid was like "damn shit got down so much, i might aswell stand up from my chair and act"
  6. do you get all the "weights" from Data Battles? they are not even giving that "great" boost they promise >.<
  7. Who knows Verum Rex could be the nobody version of FF15 The Game that never was
  8. Luxord made me ragequit earlier He doesnt seem that hard, but bad targeting made me lose most of his game cause attacking wrong card etc. But at least i beat like the first half today in a few tries.... only on proud but i thought they were too much for me At least Saix is down, he was super annoying Dont take it too seriously, but i think Remind is for the scrubs, cause the encounters REMIND anyone who thinks he can msh trough the game there is a guard button and timing you need git gud with
  9. I saw a Lingering Will strat that made him look easy when spamming berserk, but its use waas ever so niche that i didnt even care that i thought it wasnt in KH3
  10. We could also just settle and accept a fake truth, in reality KH is and was only the imagination of Eraqus/Xehanorts Chess Games
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