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  1. I can also see they will add Genesis and Weiss to it
  2. I can agree that it got in a direction that was pretty strange, but terrible is a bit much i appreciated that they brought a Job System back How hard it is to get 100% and the True Ending without following a guide and having to not skip anything for percentage to count that sucked If they didnt made Creatures Uncontrollable in X-2 International it would have been an even better addition and improvement over the vanilla game
  3. Since Hades could get Auron, is his Styx and the Farplane connected?
  4. Yesterday i finally beat Monstropolis, and got past the "escape the Dragons" ride in Arendelle, i am already scared of the Bosses
  5. i am sure my death count is above 200 already especially if a boss is like "oh i blink, damn he hit me and i died again"
  6. If "X-Boost" wasnt probably farmable too late game, i would even consider grinding 20-30 more Def to hopefully get the ability to survive 2-3 hits lol
  7. i am too lazy to try going for food for improving a little on more damage and if its really worth
  8. Mother Gothels Heartless annoyed me a lot since i always forgot his dustcloud after doing his dive still does damage for some time Lump of Horror summoning Hands is also ultra annoying and time consuming, gives room to build up Formchange but still a pain
  9. i am also stuck at Lump of Horror atm doesnt help that damage gets sadder with each new world I am also still afraid that this Snow Escape in Arendelle will be a hard wall, since i never managed to not get hit by most of the laserbeams
  10. Descendent of MoM, thats why Luxu needs him.... that would be both lame and interesting Maybe Sora is just a shell like Lingering Will, but powered by Friendship lul then again Nomura implemented so much stuff, i wouldnt even be surprised if suddenly some ppl like Kairi are from an Alternate Universe and they needed to live and do stuff in the one we know to save theirs or some shit
  11. Just thought about it cause i watched Cynicals Video, cause he gets the help from Empher and Nomura said so often that Sora represents normal ppl like us
  12. Would it make sense if it would at some point turn out that Sora is/was us/the avatar we play in KHUX?
  13. I feel so teased that the Proof Letters have these Symbols
  14. 4 times O... there are barely any words with 3 O is someone guessed that letter right except its another language than english when translated or the letters are not seperated
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